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Vegan Link Directory

Updated on August 13, 2009


The free my vegan planet vegan link directory now comes up on the first page of google, giving great visability of your vegan website or vegan restaurant, and all you need to do is leave a reciprocal link in return!

Free Vegan Link Directory

Joining a vegan link directory is a great way to expand your websites audience. Whether you are dedicated to writing about vegan food, vegan recipes or vegan diet advice joining a Vegan Link Directory is a great idea. While it may not seem to have much value initially joining a respectable vegan link directory, such as the My Vegan Planet Free Vegan Link Directory will greatly increase the number of interested visitors to your website, be it a professional vegan recipe website or a personal vegan blog.

Using Free Vegan Directories such as this to increase visitors to your vegan website is a fantastic free way to promote you vegan restaurant, vegan blog or vegan website!

Submitting your site to a free vegan link directory may seem daunting to some, after all some people now say submitting your website to a link directory can be a bad thing, right?

Wrong, only submitting sites to spammy link directories harms your site. professional link directories benefit everyone as it not only increases your page rank and total number of backlinks, but also gives your website the chance to show up as people searching for your vegan topic find themselves on the directory.

There are many vegan directories out there, some more reputable than others. When you are looking at a vegan directory when submitting links to your vegan website it is very important you check the directory thoroughly to ensure it is beneficial to your vegan website.

Check that the content is non spam, if the directory contains 1000 links to Viagra sites you are in the wrong place.

Check the content is relevant, are the sites submitted and approved to the directory relevant to both the directory and your own websites topic?

There is absolutely no point in submitting a vegan website to lets say, a motorbike gang site. Few motor bikers will stray away from their meaty diets and even worse, having the unrelated topic linking to your website could in-fact harm your own websites search rankings.

What Benefits Does a Free Link Directory Give My Vegan Website?

Signing up to a free vegan link directory such as the one at My Vegan Planet can be a great way to publicize your website.  Not many people realize, or exploit, the usefulness a high quality moderated free link directory.  But the truth of the matter is that submitting to a directory such as this can provide huge benefits to your website, vegan or otherwise!

Submitting a vegan website to a free vegan link directory has no downside and will greatly benefit your website! 

My Vegan Site is New, What Else Should I Do?

When you first start a vegan website you may find you are lost at sea, competing against thousands of other websites, some of them thousands of times your size.

Fortunately size isn't everything, once you have submitted your vegan website to a free vegan link directory you can focus on bringing in traffic via sources such as stumble, digg and by actively participating in vegan forums.

Remember, don't just stumble and digg your own website, if you submit to a directory stumble that directory page as well to ensure your website gets noticed by as many people as possible!

Join some Vegan communities, doing this will bring in some regular readers of your website and they may even give you a helping hand here and there!  Never expect to earn much from your friends and family, but remember that their support could help keep your website on top! 


About the Author

This article was written by Oliver Whitham from ClearView Writing - Freelance Writing Advice and the articles were written by vegan chef Jade Pleming 


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    • profile image

      M E. King. 6 years ago

      I grew up on a beef and dary farm. Now it is 39 years since I've eaten any flesh.

      I've now spent 40 years writing songs from the animals's perspective. All at WWW.VEGANSONGS.COM

      Thank you for all you do

      M. Edward King

    • profile image

      martin 7 years ago

      It helps you increase your traffic and attract more visitors ..