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Vegetable Hakka noodles recipe - Chinese noodles recipe

Updated on January 9, 2014
Hakka Noodles
Hakka Noodles

Vegetable Hakka noodles recipe

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Hakka noodles recipe

Hakka noodles for me is like must have meal once in a week. I just simply love this chow Mein recipe as it includes many colourful vegetables, which are good for kids too and my kids loves Hakka noodles. It is easy and quick to make as well. Hakka noodles are indo Chinese recipe in which we use stir fried vegetables. You can use as many vegetables as you want to make this dish healthier.

Cook Time for Hakka noodles

Prep time: 20 min
Cook time: 10 min
Ready in: 30 min
Yields: 3-4


  • 250 gms Chow Mein Noodles
  • 1 cup cabbage, finely shredded
  • 2 stalk Spring onions, finely chopped
  • 1/4 cup fresh or frozen beans
  • 1 cup multi coloured capsicum/peppers, cut into lengthwise strips
  • 1 medium sized carrot, cut into lengthwise strips
  • 2-3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 1 Medium Onion, sliced
  • 1 Green chillies, finely chopped(optional)
  • 1-2 tablespoon soy sauce
  • ketchup
  • 1 tsp vinegar
  • Salt, to taste
  • White pepper powder, to taste
  • one tablespoons Oil

Hakka Noodles Step by Step


  1. Place the noodles in a saucepan of boiling water and simmer for 4-5 minutes until soft (or as per the instructions) add salt and oil to the water.
  2. When cooked, drain the noodles and toss it with cold water (tossing with cold water will help noodles not to stick with each other). Drain it well and cool set aside.
  3. Keep all the vegetables ready by cutting lengthwise into strips.
  4. In a wok heat about 1 tsp of oil. Add the garlic, green chili, spring onion greens, peppers, cabbage, carrots and beans. Toss on high flame for about two minutes.
  5. Add the boiled noodles, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, white pepper powder and ketchup. Stir and toss continuously and sauté for another minute.
  6. Serve hot and garnish with spring onions green.


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    • preweb profile image

      preweb 3 years ago from UK

      Thanks Susan for dropping by and liking my recipe.

    • Susan Recipes profile image

      Susan 3 years ago from India

      I love noodles and your recipe pic is making my mouth water. Thanks preweb for sharing.

    • preweb profile image

      preweb 4 years ago from UK

      Thanks CrisSp for your comment ,me too like a bit spicy noodles. Appreciate your pining and sharing, Thanks.

    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 4 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      Goodness! I love noodles and this is just one of my favorites "hakka" and spicy please! Thank you for sharing. Gotta pin it and share it as well.

    • preweb profile image

      preweb 4 years ago from UK

      Hi vacation trip, glad to know Hakka noodles are your favorite too. Thanks for the comment.

    • preweb profile image

      preweb 4 years ago from UK

      Yes My cook Book even I don't prefer much oil in my hakka noodles, it taste good with sauces and vegetables not with excess oil. Thanks for your comment.

    • preweb profile image

      preweb 4 years ago from UK

      Thanks Ceres Schwarz for your comment, glad that you liked it. Hakka noodle is indeed easy and tasty recipe. Try n let me know how it turns out.

    • Vacation Trip profile image

      Susan 4 years ago from India

      Hakka noodles are my favorite and your recipe is simple and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing.

    • My Cook Book profile image

      Dil Vil 4 years ago from India

      I like having noodles with less oil, this one is good. Thank you for the recipe. Good work. Thank you.

    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      This recipe looks good. The image of the vegetable hakka noodles looks really delicious. Now I want to have some. This recipe doesn't seem all that hard to make and doesn't take much time at all. It's good that this dish is healthy with all the vegetables in it.