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Wagyu kobe beef, what an intense marbling experience

Updated on September 2, 2012

Wagyu kobe beef, the superior quality

Have you ever wondered how wagyu kobe beef taste like? How about a sirloin wagyu steak?

Some people say that you first need to make sure that you cook it perfectly otherwise you will spoil one of the most expensive beef cuts in the world.

Now when ready, the moment you grab the first bite, you must experience this buttery, melting in your mouth, juicy, and mild sweetness of the superior meat.

Just to remind you that this kobe beef wagyu marble will melt in 25 degree Celsius, while average human body heat is 37 degree Celsius. For meat lovers, how can you beat that amazing beef taste?

Wagyu kobe beef got its name because it was specially raised in Tajima, an old province which has its name changed to Hyogo Prefecture, where Kobe is the capital, anything else grow outside Kobe may just referred to only wagyu beef.

While most of prime beef, the costlier cuts of them all will have this grade six of marbling scale, Japanese kobe beef will have the grade 12 in average (scale of 1 to 12). Raising kobe beef cows would occupy an adequate amount of space, and because space are getting limited over time, kobe beef wagyu suppliers, have moved the farm outside kobe, and raise them the same way they did in Kobe.

Experts say that there is little difference between wagyu beef that are raised outside kobe with the original Japanese kobe beef. Even Japanese kobe beef has this high degree of fat content in form of intense marbling, they actually high in monosaturated fat, which mean you can have your cholesterol level going down and still maintain your ideal weight while enjoying kobe beef wagyu steak. How wonderful is that?

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Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
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Kobe beef cows breeding concept

There are few breed types most kobe beef cows growers would use. Wagyu cows generally have horn, the first one would be tottori, a pack type of animal which main features are producing different types of meat quality.

The second breed would be Tajima, in the olden days they were used to pull carts, it has relatively small frame, slow growing rate but it can produce more superior meat quality.

The third breed would shimane, with larger frame and average meat quality.

Another type of breed is kumamoto, the red lines, where it used to be bred in an organic grass land. Growers would need in average of three years before the cattle are ready.

They would feed them on strictly organic diets such as let them eat on a confined grass land and combining with specially designed high energy organic fiber diets.

The feed is not the only key ingredients in growing high quality cattle, farmers would massaging their bulls, giving them beer or sake to increase the appetite, and some even play classical music giving a relaxing atmosphere to the bulls.

Japanese kobe beef farm would normally have indoor barn with limited space which can limiting the movement of the cattle thus increasing the marbling and tenderness of the meat.

Kobe beef cows would usually have their hair-coat brushed with sake, thus will improve the appearance and softness, with the hope to increase the value by the time they are ready to be sold to the market.

Nevertheless, the most important of all to remember that these painstaking processes are believed to contribute to the highest meat quality.


Japanese kobe beef, the superior taste experience

Japanese kobe beef is a phenomenon, they show how serious the commitment these farmers have to produce arguably the most expensive, highest quality in term of marbling, beef cuts japan proud of for many years.

What makes this meat is even better because of high content monosaturated fat, along with some other nutrients, vitamin, omega 3 and 6 fatty acid.

Since it has such a dense marbling fat, make sure not have the meat overcooked, the best and simplest way is just to sear it on hot pan for a while for each side, with simple seasoning.

Even people in Japan would occasionally eat this meat raw just like sashimi, they will eat them with fresh chopped spring onion, dashi stock and soy sauce, some would enjoy it cooking with sabu sabu style.

You should try this kobe beefs wagyu in whichever way you prefer whether it is a hamburger, steak, or else, once in your life, and prove how wonderful the taste will be like. Enjoy!


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