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Wanna Cheap Meal? Dress-Up Those Cup Egg Noodles!

Updated on October 28, 2010

Maruchan Noodles are basis of this easy recipe

This recipe has to be tried to be believed!

Wanna Cheap Meal? Dress Up Those Noodles!

I have been eating noodles for years. All sorts of noodles and their peers under the skin, pasta. But it was only recently a friend introduced me to the skills of tarting the common or garden instant noodle up, making them into a delicious, very cheap and rapid instant meal.

As the shop near us actually had my favourite brand of noodles, Maruchan, these are the ones we will use for this small article.

These are the noodles in a largish cup (or packet) and contain no preservative, although they are prepared with vegetable oil. I have tried many others but have like these best.

The first thing is to prepare the simple ingredients, in fact, this dish is so simple, once you have tasted it, you will wonder why you haven’t made it before.

Where wuz we? Right, the noodles. Then one ripe, medium sized avocado, one fresh egg, one ounce, or so, of grated cheese (cheddar, manchego, or similar).

First, as per instructions on the tub of noodles, boil water and fill cup up to level. Stand. As soon as the noodles have softened, (after a minute or so) pour into small saucepan, add just a tad more hot water, bring back to boil, add any packet flavouring Maruchan has included, and just when you have one minute of preparation time left (as per cup) break one egg into the mix - this will cook in the last minute and during its subsequent time in the hot water.

Now, when noodles and egg are done. Serve into soup or cereal bowl (or noodle bowl if such a beast exists); you may have to use a serving spoon if egg has stuck to saucepan at all.. Sprinkle grated cheese to taste; add thinly sliced pieces of avocado, which you had ready; a pinch of salt and pepper (and a slurp of chile sauce if you like it hot) Let cheese melt into noodles and the avocado to just sink in a little and dig in! So simple, filling and so tasty; you’ll see and you’ll forgive me for writing such a short hub article as my mouth is watering so much I have to rush to the kitchen!

You can use any noodles, but make sure there’s a substantial amount in the packet, like Maruchan’s cup, or packet,  noodles. With packet noodles, rather than cup noodles, it’s even easier as you are required to put the noodles into a pan straight away - but some of these are a bit parsimonious with the volume, so maybe better use ordinary noodles in large packet..


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    • profile image

      diogenese 6 years ago

      Great minds eat noodles alike, jalon! Thanks for visit..Bob

    • jalon profile image

      jalon 6 years ago from Georgia

      Brilliant! I always 'doctor' the noodles too - an egg, frozen peas, grated parmesan, fresh juliene cut carrots.... so yummy and so easy!

      Thanks for sharing.