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Where and How to Buy the Freshest Produce .

Updated on February 10, 2016

I buy most of my fruits from the local farmers market...strike that, I buy all my fruit from the Farmers market. But, it's important to know some of the risks from sourcing your natural fruits from places that might not be help to the same sanitary standards as the grocery stores.

We all love to eat as raw and natural as possible and what better way to do that then buying it as fresh as you possibly can from the farmer or from a retailer at the local farmers market. Buying unprocessed foods is something that anyone who looking to improve on their healthy lifestyle. But, it's important to do so in a careful and thoughtful way.

Their are some things you can do to ensure you are getting safe and quality produce from the farm:


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7 Top Tips For Buying Produce

  1. Have a relationship with your grower. Don't just assume they are the one actually cultivating the food. It's critical that you talk to whomever you are purchasing your produce from and ask them questions on how they are cultivating their produce.
  2. Grow your own produce. As long as you are not wanting a acres and acres of produce starting a little garden in your yard is easier then you think. I have even seen self containing garden kits where you can grow produce inside your home.
  3. Always wash your produce when you get home. I don't care how well you know the source or where it come from. Washing produce is critical in preventing the spread of bacteria and in some cases disease.
  4. Buy RAW. Even though many of the farmers might say they are "Organic" it's best to make sure they are a USDA certified farm. If not, you will risk the possibility of buying fruits that have been commercially processed.
  5. Give the produce a look over. Their are many ways to tell if produce is fresh. Make sure you are factoring in ripening. Such with Bananas I like to buy them a little green because they will ripen on the shelf. With lettuce or cabbage make sure you are checking the outer leafs for browning.
  6. Ask your friends and network. I know it sounds easy, but typically you run with whom you represent, so what better way to find the good stuff...ask your friends where they are shopping.
  7. Make the trip and stock up and save. Many people don't have the luxury of a whole foods or farmers market in their town. I typically will make a 2 hr trek to shop and while i'm there I will stock up on several items that I might not be able to obtain here in my area. A lot of produce will keep for awhile if it's frozen or crisper.
  8. If you buy from a major grocery chain talk to the guy in the produce section about their fruit and where it's sourced. They are actually very knowledgeable about produce. We are quick to dismiss because they are not dressed in overalls with a pitchfork. Don't sell them short and give your local store a try. They have organic offerings and are held to higher USDA standards then people that sell at roadside stands and farmers markets.
  9. The internet. Internet shopping is thriving right now and the quality that you can have shipped to your door is outstanding. The issue with this is you don't get to visually check out the produce, but their are many options for direct to consumer produce online and checking around is worth the look. You can also join a local community and start a discussion thread on which online produce suppliers are giving the best quality.

Benefits of Buying and Eating Local Produce

In Closing

Their you have it. Seven simple ways to ensure you are purchasing the freshest produce possible. As healthier options become more popular in the United States it get's easier to find fresher produce. Farms are starting to see deregulation's and this helps with farmers being able tot get their product to the consumer faster. However, with the deregulating you will need to be more observant of what we are sticking into our bodies. Remember, the most raw form of any food will be the best option for you. And supporting the local economy is a side benefit from buying at your local farmers market.


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    • Fruit Dates profile image

      Craig Moore 23 months ago from California

      Only way to go if you have the space and patience :)

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 23 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      i grow my own veggies now