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What Cheese Goes Best with Which Fruit?

Updated on May 23, 2015

What cheese?

Cheese and fruit are an excellent dish to serve following your dinner. Combined they make a great dessert, but which cheese with which fruit?

Cheese and Fruit

basic combinations
basic combinations | Source

Experiment and Have Fun

Cheese is truly one of nature's great food, although it will not come into being without human help. Cheese is versatile and diverse. There are many ways the great variety of cheeses may be served and enjoyed. For example, cheese goes with a variety of crackers, breads, wines and fruit.

When it comes to serving fruit and cheese together, the door is wide open and the host can choose combinations that suit their own taste, or can work with some standard combinations such as brie and grapes. I usually add slices of a banquette or crostini to this combination. Crostini means little toasts in Italian and they are readily available in specialty grocery stores and major supermarkets.

Serving Brie:

Slices are taken along the radius of the cheese rather than across the point. Removing the more desirable tip from a wedge of brie is known as "pointing the Brie" . This practice is not well regarded and should be avoided. The white outside of the cheese is completely edible, and many eat Brie whole.

Cheddar and Blue:

The cheese is sometimes served slightly melted or baked, in a round lidded ceramic dish, and topped with nuts or fruit. We just obtained a dish for baking brie and are looking forward to giving it a try.

My favourite cheese are extra old white cheddar, which is hard to find here, thus its substitute a medium yellow in the photo and blue cheese.

Often, I will have a slice of cheddar with pear or apple slices for dessert. If this combination is being served for a party, then I would cube the cheese rather than slicing it.

Blue or bleu cheese is a soft cheese than when allowed to sit out of the refrigerator for a few minutes makes a tasty spread for crostine or baguette or can be spread on thin apple or pear slices.

Your Choice:

Because the potential combinations of cheese and fruit are so plentiful, the best way to approach this is to rely on your own likes and dislikes and to be willing to experiment and take a chance.

First, try your favourite fruit with a cheese you like, just a little to get a sense of how it matches your food appreciation.

Second, at the deli counter, for example, buy a small amount of a cheese that you want to try; do the same with fruit, when you get home, try them together. You can consider spreading a soft cheese on a cracker or on the fruit directly. Savour the experience and if you enjoy it then a new addition to your food palette has been discovered; if not move on to something else.

In a little time and for little money it is possible to develop cheese and fruit combinations for a variety of occasions and taste experiences. The most important element is fun, so enjoy.


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