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What Does Fair Trade Certified Really Mean?

Updated on July 1, 2017

alone. Many people are not clear on the definition of fair trade.

If a product is fair trade certified, it has been evaluated by Fair Trade USA to be sourced from farms and factories that pay their workers a living wage while providing a safe work environment. If the coffee you drink is fair trade, then not only do you know the farmers who tended to and harvested the coffee beans are being treated humanely, but also there are no hazardous chemicals in the coffee or on the farm, the coffee has no GMOs, and there isn't any forced child labor involved.

Buying fair trade items is a hugely beneficial thing for the world economy. And luckily, it is becoming easier than ever to buy fair trade now. Fair trade certified products can be found at the local grocery store and while some people complain that it is more expensive, it is worth it because not only does buying fair trade help workers in impoverished areas provide for their families, but the fair trade certified products are almost always of better quality.

Companies that are fair trade certified are also encouraged and even paid a premium by Fair Trade USA if they provide health care programs for their workers, have women's leadership initiative events, and/or have a micro-financing program to help their workers and their workers' families improve their lives.


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