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What Is the Best Way to Learn to Cook?

Updated on July 28, 2015
Observing family meals is a good start in learning to cook.
Observing family meals is a good start in learning to cook.

Cooking is a part of life. Your family may have whipped up scrumptious meals as you were growing up, and you couldn’t wait to feast on their delicious meals. Eating is something people do for pleasure, and that’s a good thing. They admire the foods that were prepared very well, and they often wonder how they’re cooked.

Learning to cook is fun to do. You may have sat in an ethnic restaurant, watching a chef expertly flip meats and veggies over a griddle. Then you wish you could master such an accomplishment. So cooking is really about learning by doing, and that takes more than just reading recipes. If you’re patient enough to sit and watch other people cook, read cookbooks and learn cooking utensils, you got a potential in becoming a wonderful cook.

Cook with other people

If you enjoy eating meals that you didn’t cook, but you indeed want to cook them, it’s time that you start paying attention to whoever’s cooking the food. Often parents who cook for their children have gotten experience watching their own folks cook in the kitchen. Maybe you’re a teenager wanting to cook right before you go to college. In that case, cook with your family as they prepare meals, and spend more time in the kitchen, too. Simply observe what they’re doing.

As evident from this photograph, you're never too young to have a passion for cooking.
As evident from this photograph, you're never too young to have a passion for cooking.

Learn about cooking utensils

It’s almost impossible to cook a good meal without cooking utensils. Certainly there are more than just forks, spoons and knives – the silverware you use to eat. Go through your kitchen, and look at a variety of things that are used in cooking. They can be mixing bowls, spatulas, a butcher’s knife, a cooking sheet, etc. You have to know what type of utensil to use, and not get confused. You’re doing this so you’ll get more acquainted with the utensils, and feel more comfortable working and not messing up the cooking.

Cooking utensils being sold at a market.
Cooking utensils being sold at a market.

Read cookbooks

Reading a cookbook definitely helps you practice cooking. You can discover ways foods are prepared. There may be recipes about chocolate chip cookies that your family will love, or a roast beef with veggies for a Sunday dinner. Be sure that you carefully read all the directions, and try not to read too fast. As long there are recipes you’re interested in, any cookbook should work, no matter how old it is.

You can look up recipes for your delicious meals using a cookbook.
You can look up recipes for your delicious meals using a cookbook.

Attend culinary classes

Signing up for a culinary class can really pay off. You’ll get lots of teaching and practicing with cuisine, and financial assistance is usually available. You’ll also be taught to prepare meals for your guests, so you can get ready to serve your delicious foods to your family and friends in real life.

Students preparing meals in a culinary school kitchen.
Students preparing meals in a culinary school kitchen.

Anyone can cook. All it takes is time and patience. Cooking is an art, and it’s easy to blend in pride, satisfaction and love to the foods you’re about to serve to your friends and family.


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