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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Fast Food

Updated on April 26, 2015

Most of the people love fast food. Their mouth waters whenever they pass by any fast food restaurants. We tend to get hungry whenever we get the smell when pass by. People eat fast food when they are in mood for it. People indulge in fast food every now and then. We all get the craving for some tacos, burgers, french fries, cheese burgers or chicken nuggets.Anything can be poison when consumed in large quantities.

Fast food is okay once in a while but not for everyday. You can not blame the fast food restaurants as we all have to stand up and take responsibility for our own choices and actions. No one is holding a gun and making you eat the fast food. People should be concerned about their kids eating fast food. They should restrict them as required.

The advantages of fast food:

  • Fast food taste is yummy.
  • Fast food is quick and convenient at times.
  • Some value meals of fast food restaurant are healthy to eat.
  • People who work for the fast food company get it for free so they tend to eat a lot of fast food and save on their meals.
  • When people are hungry and do not want to prepare something at home, they indulge in fast food in order to satisfy their hunger and time.
  • People who are not fat eat fast food to satisfy their hunger.
  • People treat themselves once a week with fast food.
  • When we are not bothered to cook, we buy fast food.
  • You can still eat healthy with fast food if you order a salad with low fat dressing.
  • You can eat low fat fast food sandwich in a just reasonable amount.
  • Some people eat fast food once a week because they have cards that give them a free burger once a week.
  • When you are in hurry you eat fast food as it is better than starving.
  • People eat fast food when they are travelling away from their home and stop to get a bite to eat.
  • Fast food is cheap.
  • There are some fast food chains who you use better quality ingredients and even some organics.
  • People eat fast food because of their work schedule.
  • When people get off at work and it is been six to eight hours since they have last eaten, they go to the nearest fast food restaurant as they are starving and feeling dizzy.
  • Some people live far away from their work so driving hungry is not safe. They tend to indulge in fast food to keep their stomach full.
  • Some people eat fast food because they do not know how to cook or do not have the time to learn either.
  • People eat fast food when they are not in a mood to cook.

The disadvantages of fast food:

  • Fast food is full of sodium so you have to watch your sodium intake.
  • People who are fat should avoid fast food and switch to healthy food.
  • Fast food do not let you watch your weight.
  • Fast food is bad for us and should not be eaten everyday.
  • Fast food contains a lot of carbs.
  • Fast food is one of the reason why America has an obesity problem. It especially makes me feel sad to see little kids who are so fat, it looks like their eyes are closed.
  • There is something wrong when a burger in fast food costs 99 cents and a salad is 3 dollar.
  • Fast food are not good for our cardiovascular system.
  • Fast food is an unhealthy way of curbing your appetite and even that does not work sometimes. You feel hungry even after you have eaten a lot of fast food.
  • Some people are allergic to many of the ingredients in fast food.
  • Fast food contains a lot of calories.
  • Fast food is bad for our body and it have long-term effects.
  • Some fast food make you more hungry and in turn you snack and eat up more calories

How can you reduce your fast food consumption?

There are many ways to reduce your fast food habits. You can have fast food in moderation. If you have fast food a couple of times in a day, try to go down to once a day then may be once every couple of days. Fast food is for convenience. But work, children and other obligation pull us in all direction and we give in to the fast food.

Fast food is creeping up on most people. Even in the healthy diets it is important to have treats like fast food. There is lot of territory between having fast food couple of times a day, once or twice a week, etc.

Drinking soda with fast food is one of the common nature of all the fast food lovers. Drinking beverages a reasonable amount is fine. All so-called ‘diet’ drinks are full of synthetic sugar, which is a major carcinogen and actually contributes to obesity. You may be gathering less sugar with diet, but you are getting a lot of salt, plus your body treats artificial sweetener like a foreign agent in your system. Diet sodas contain aspartame which is one of the 92 federally recognized side effects. Artificial sweetener make you crave more sugar so they are not ‘diet’ more like ‘diet-killers’.

The amount of eating fast food depends on how many free fast food coupons we have for the fast food places, how busy our schedule is, what our bank balance looks like and our physical energy levels. It is better to stay fit and limit fast food consumption. Some people eat fast food when it is absolutely necessary to have it.

While fast food is not ideal, going completely free of fast food is not doable for many people. It is better to eat fast food and exercise to burn your calories. Australia is on the verge of passing United States of America in per capita obesity and Europe is gaining obesity at an alarming fast rate. Watch what you eat and you will make a world a better place to live.


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