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What is Green Tea - All about Green Tea

Updated on June 29, 2011

It is a common type of tea made with the leaves of Camellia sinensis, and have undergone minimal oxidation during its processing. It originated in China and is more common in the Asian region, however, now it is becoming popular in the west also. Green tea is very common in Japan where it is simply known as "tea". Sometimes this tea is referred to as the Japanese tea despite the fact that it originated in China. This tea has also been used as a part of traditional medicine in many parts of Asia.

It is important to note that the green tea contains caffeine unless specifically decaffeinated. However, it is estimated that the average amount of caffeine in green tea is less than that of coffee or the traditional black tea.

Health Benefits

A lot of health benefits are associated with green tea. Here are a few of the green tea benefits.

Firstly, it is considered a very effective way of losing weight.

Green tea has been found effective in controlling certain types of cancers, including the breast cancer, during various tests and observations.

The tea can also help people with skin damaged from radiation therapy according to a German study.

It is claimed that the green tea helps in preventing the degradation of cell membranes by neutralizing the spread of free radicals which occur during oxidation process. However, this has not been proved.

Anti-stress affects of this tea have also been observed.

It also helps in the reduction of the buildup of plaque in arteries and improves cardiovascular health. Green tea also prevents blood platelets from sticking together

Finally, green tea reduces the risk of heart disease according to a study conducted at Yale University School of Medicine in May 2006.

Caution: It can harm your health when taken on empty stomach, so care must be taken.


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    • drdspervez profile image

      drdspervez 6 years ago from Pakistan

      An intresting and informatve article.In asia also many people take green tea after lunch. :)


    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 6 years ago from London, UK

      Informative and useful Hub.

      Probably the best tea in the world. I would drink it more if it was sweet...

    • danfresnourban profile image

      danfresnourban 6 years ago from Fresno, CA

      I believe that Green Tea has many health benefits that have been scientifically proven, and additional health benefits that we have not yet tested. I had great results as the result of drinking Green Tea while on a diet.

    • manthy profile image

      Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

      I'll tell you something else about green tea - I will put you on the toilet..LOL if you are stopped up.

      Thanks for the hub

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 6 years ago from Germany

      Hi! I have seen a report in our German television last year that there is a village in Japan where the green tea is commonly drink the whole day by the villager. They started drinking green tea when they were kids. I was so fascinated by the report because I have seen that women in their age of 90 were still looking young and healthy.Some were still working on their green tea fields. It was reported that on that village, the people were seldom sick. Since then I tried drinking green tea every day and also using the used tea bags for cleansing my face. Awesome, is it not? Thanks for sharing.