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What is Mang Inasal in the Philippines?

Updated on February 24, 2016
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Anyone who has been to the Philippines probably has eaten at one there many restaurants. One could say it is Filipino fast food because all of their dishes are Filipino and in their native language, Hiligayon. For the English speaker, pronouncing this name is a bit of an issue. Translated, it simply means Mr. Barbeque, but the correct pronunciation is: Mong In Na Sal. The a in Mang is long as in Ma. Some English speakers may pronounce the second word as, I nasal, which is quite funny ( like saying Vallejo as Vally-ho, as some tourists say).

There are no USA stores, although if you search mang inasal, many Filipino restaurants will pop up because it is common in that barbeque food is very common there.

The chain was created by a young architect, Edgar Sia, in 2003. His concept was fast food BBQ chicken with rice. The secret, of course is the use local herbs and spices that make the chicken taste good. The chicken is held by a bamboo stick and the rice. The first store was so popular despite American fast food chains in the same mall that by 2009, he had 23 stores opened and franchises began in 2005. Each store employs about 40 and the menu quickly grew to Sisig, Grilled Pork, Bangus, Chicken Feet, Wings, Pecho (fish), Liver and Baticulon, Fish and Pork Sinigang, Batchoy, Bihon, Pancit (noodles) Molo, Pinoy(Filipino) Burger, Pinoy Mirienda, Pinoy Panamis, Pinoy Pampagana, and more.

Initial franchise costs is $25,000 for a seven year term. They get 5% of net sales, total investment comes to 10 million peso. In 2010, Jollibee, a food giant in Asia, bought a 70% interest in the chain. This fast food chain, like McDonalds, makes billions of dollars a year and are everywhere in the Philippines.

The stores are very popular because for less than 200 peso ($4), you have a delicious meal of what is a staple of the Philippines: BBQ Chicken\pork, or fish, with unlimited rice refills. Usually, the pork is on a stick and two sticks of BBQ pork\chicken with two cups of white rice and a drink will fill you up. Then, have the Halo-Halo, a delicious creamy ice milk concoction with various jelly beans and other flavors. Also, their Pansit Bihon (stir fried noodles and pork strips with veggies) is good stuff.

As an American in their restaurant, my only complaint is that the menu is NOT in English, so it is a time consuming experience deciding what you want as others wait. While the clerks speak English, having the menu in English also would be a very smart move businesswise because foreigners like it also and English is their second language.



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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      I really wished they had some in California. I find it odd that there are none in larger urban areas. The food would be well received. The hardest thing for an American to get use to there is having white rice at every meal, especially for breakfast!

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 

      2 years ago from California

      My mouth is watering. Pancit is yummy. My neighbor in Guam was from the Philippines. She taught me how to cook lumpia and pancit. Nice review.


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