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What problems are people of undeveloped countries are facing? how they’re surviving?

Updated on July 22, 2013

What problems are people of undeveloped countries are facing? how they’re surviving? how difficult is to live with limited resources? read to know all about it.

What problems are people of undeveloped countries are facing? how they’re surviving? how difficult is to live with limited resources? read to know all about it... and let me know about your opinions, do post your comments

Pakistan, our country came into being in 1947. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the founder of Pakistan. Whenever a country came established it may have many problem which the people of that country have to face them with courage. No doubt, the people of Pakistan are very brave, hardworking and honest. All the countries of the world face different kind of problems, all of them have different nature of problems. Similarly Pakistan has certain problems. To solve these problems the public, the leadership & every people have to be united in order to get the solution of the problem and solve the problem.

In our country, Pakistan have to face different situation of problems. Some of the problems that the people are facing today are as follow:

· Poverty

· Illiteracy

· Begging

· Diseases

· Rise of prices

· Lack of food

· Unemployment

· Housing

· Salinity and waterlogging

· Lack of electricity

· Lack of gas, Etc.


Poverty is very big problem in our country. Poverty means lack of money and possessions. In other words we say lack of earning through jobs. Most of the people in our country are poor. Even though people who have done their masters they are jobless, so what we can expect from undergraduates. There are people who want to start their earnings from early education but it’s their bad luck that they can’t get small jobs for their family and they walk here and there in search of job. People don’t have enough money they can’t get enough food and clothes for their children. Their children can’t go to school, so what result shows “poverty will never end but it will spread more and more in whole country”.

People who are earning after finishing their masters with the scope of bright future what will happen to them, they have to work on shops, in factories, in workshops and at home to support their families. People can’t get highly paid jobs.


Begging is also one of the big problem almost in every under developing countries. Ambrose Bierce: the famous writer called poverty as “a file provided for the teeth of the rats of reform”.

Some of the people are poor they try to earn money on their own skills, on manpower and they believe that bad situations not always remains, one day will come when their matters of life will change and they live happy life. They give good way of life to their family. They will eat well and wear neat clothes.

But most of the people thought bad time is always there for them, it will never change at last what will happen, they adopt begging. With the passage of time they adopt this begging as a profession. So, begging has become a profession in our country as well as in all undeveloped countries.

The beggars are everywhere in every country, every city in every town even in every lane. So they appeal to the mercy of the people and extort money. A beggar has no value and they are burden on society.


Illiteracy is also one of the major problems in our country. Illiteracy means lack of reading and writing. There are many people in our society who don’t know how to read and write the words. What is reason behind it? The reason is that they are poor they don’t have enough money to get education. They live from hand to mouth. Whatever they earn, they spend money on their food, on bills and on medicine.

The literacy rate in Pakistan is 46% only. However this percentage is less in women. The development and the progress of country depend upon its education rate. So, higher literacy rate mean the higher development of a country.

Illiteracy is root of many social evils. Illiterate person don’t know the right and wrong directions. So they adopt wrong directions or in other words they are not good for the country and for its development. Without education a person will not play his positive role in the advancement of the country.


Health is wealth. Health is great gift by Allah. We should thank to Allah for good health. Diseases are very common at everywhere. An ill person, who can’t do work, can’t do such efforts for his family, become burden on others.

Cold, fever, cough, intestinal disorders, kidney failure, liver problem are the common problem in our country. Many women die at the time of childbirth. Poor children die because of measles, whooping cough, tetanus and diarrhea. The reasons are many. People don’t know the importance of fresh air, healthy food, clean water, light exercise


Unemployment is a very serious problem of a country. Unemployment means having no source of income. People are jobless even though they have degree they are not well paid.

The basic need of any man is food, clothes and shelter for these needs they adopt different professions. But unfortunately our country is jobless. There are jobs in factories, in fields, in workshops, in offices, in banks and other organizations.

In our country, unemployment is a very serious problem. Unemployment is a threat to country progress and for its security. This gives birth to very serious evils like crimes, bribery and other mishaps.


Housing means that people have their own house. In present time, it is very difficult to build our own house because the material is very costly. One who thinks to have their own house, they disappointed after listening the cost of material, workers, transport expenses etc. they don’t have enough means and resources to construct their house therefore they live in rented house.

I myself live in rent house. It’s very difficult for me to collect the rent after every month. Because everything is very costly for food to eat, for clothes to wear and bill, medicines and other expenditures.

My pray to Allah is pleased Allah help us to make our home. And every should have their own shelter to live within. Ameen

Written By: Johar Alam


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