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What's Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

Updated on April 21, 2020

Girl Scout Cookies!

It's that time again. Truck loads of girl scout cookies have been delivered to town and moms are helping their daughters to sell them by setting up stands or going door to door with pre-ordered cookie deliveries.

I remember girl scout cookies fondly because as a child, I used to be in a girl scout troop, myself.

My own favorites were the 'samoas'.

The other day, I purchased some girl scout cookies from a mom and daughter that had a table set up in front of the supermarket.

Are Thin Mints the most popular girl scout cookie?

Back when I was selling girl scout cookies as a child and even now, when I hear people talk about girl scout cookies, it seems that the most popular girl scout cookie is thin mints. It seems to be the all time favorite for many people.

Well, the girl scout organization of course keeps track of their top selling cookies and indeed they do report that thin mints are their top selling cookie.

I am not fond of the flavor mint chocolate. For example, I don't like to eat any of the following:

mint chocolate chip ice cream, andes candies, York peppermint patties, so I have never even tried thin mints girl scout cookies.

Samoas are still my favorite girl scout cookie

The delicious samoas are cookies that have coconut, chocolate and caramel on them. When girl scout cookies are hard to find, a similar cookie is Keebler coconut dream available in supermarkets.

As it turns out, Keebler Company is one of the manufacturers used to make girl scout cookies so the similarity between girl scout samosa and Keebler coconut dream cookies might not be so surprising.

Did you know Breyer's brand ice cream also now has a Samoas cookies flavor? I look forward to trying it sometime!

Tagalongs are also really good

I would say that the girl scout cookie named tagalong is my second favorite type of girl scout cookie. It is peanut butter flavored and very good.

What are all the various flavors of girl scout cookies?

Over the years, more varieties of girl scout cookies have been added to the assortment. There are many girl scout cookie flavors presently available that were not available when I was a girl scout years ago.

A 2013 complete list of the girl scout cookies is available at

Diabetic friendly girl scout cookies

I even see that there are now sugar free versions of girl scout cookies. The flavors are sugar free chocolate chips and sugar free little brownies.

Can girl scout cookies be ordered online?

Girl scout cookies are indeed for sale on Amazon and Ebay. So many people love girl scout cookies so much that they wish they were available year round and indeed they are.

(The girl scouts organization has an on-line or e-commerce store but they do not sell the cookies. They sell products including t-shirts, gift items, camp gear including tents and pocket knives.)

There can be changes to the girl scout cookies that are available

If you are looking to for types/flavors of girl scout cookies that are most currently available (since they do often change), you can look to that same girl scout e-commerce store for updates.

This is the website:

When I first wrote this hub, it was indeed girl scout cookie season as my opening paragraph discusses but now that I update the article, it is later in the year.

So this past girl scout cookie season, the cookie flavors available were:

  • Thin mints
  • samoas
  • tagalongs
  • do-si-dos
  • trefoil
  • savannah smiles
  • thank u berry munch
  • dulce de leche


What's your favorite girl scout cookie?

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Girl Scouts Candy Bars

Did you know that the girl scouts have sold candy bars too? Thin mints limited addition, peanut butter crème bars and coconut and caramel bars are all available at

Supporting the Girl Scouts

Girls Scouts only sell the cookies themselves once per year. Even though we might crave similar cookies from the supermarket or want to just purchase the girl scout cookies online at other times of the year, it would be nice the support the girl scout directly when she does sell cookies once per year. (January 2013 was the last time for pre-ordering and some cookie selling stations were available in February and March).

The Girl Scouts organization states that when the girls sell the cookies, they " build five important life skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics."

It is very supportive to have that direct interaction with the girls scouts when they are selling the cookies.

Fundraising that has stood the test of time

A long tradition, the girl scouts have been selling cookies to assist with funding the organization since 1917. The cookies were once homemade by the girl scouts and their families. The girl scouts organization began using commercial bakeries in the 1930s.

The Girl Scout cookies called Samoas have a new name. These delicious cookies are now called Caramel Delights!
The Girl Scout cookies called Samoas have a new name. These delicious cookies are now called Caramel Delights!

A delicious lemon flavored Girl Scout cookie

© 2013 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


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