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What's for Dinner A Superb Side Salad

Updated on August 25, 2011

A New "Go To" recipe

Want just a stinking good complimentary side dish? Of course, if you are like me, I am always on the hunt for economical dishes that will make me look like a culinary genius.

What is for Dinner: A Funeral Coordinator’s “Go To” Recipe

Garden Salad with Almonds and Oranges has been a hit since I ate it at my Boss’s luncheon forever ago. In 2005-2006, I was a Funeral Coordinator at a large church in Houston. We saw our share of funerals and infirm folks, and I developed sort of a Community Café ministry to take food to those in need or for youth events. For about $3.00 - 4.00 this is a super economical and pretty salad to feed 6-8 people or more.

This recipe was given to me and copied from “Page 64” of someone’s favorite cookbook 23 years ago, so I don’t know who could claim the credit for such a tasty salad.. It has been tattered, folded and oil stained over the years to reflect one of those beloved recipes turned to again and again. This recipe is requested frequently!

My famous Spaghetti Pizza Casserole (recipe in another Hub) was exceptionally popular due to pleasing children, teenagers and Adults and my pocketbook. This salad is very pretty and goes well with the Casserole, and when I make one, I accompany it with the other--just don’t put the salad dressing on it before serving.

This salad looks elegant and fresh in the winter months and carmelizing the almonds makes the house smell terrific.

I have recently made this salad with spinach leaves instead of the romaine, and it tastes pretty darn good.

Special Note: salad dressing makes more than one recipe worth.


1 Head of Iceberg Lettuce (Use your favorite bagged brand)

1 Head of Romaine Lettuce (bagged preferred)

1 C Sliced or Slivered Almonds

½ C Sugar

1 C Vegetable Oil

¼ C Vinegar

1 Tsp Salt

1 TBS Parsley Flakes

Dash black pepper

Dash Red pepper

6 Green onion tops thinly sliced (I mostly leave out or on side)

1 Can (22 ounce) mandarin oranges, drained and chilled


Wash and tear lettuce into bite-sized pieces. Refrigerate. Combine almonds and ¼ c sugar in saucepan, stirring over medium heat until sugar browns. Cool caramelized almonds on an ungreased cookie sheet. Break into tiny pieces and set aside.
Combine oil, vinegar, salt, parsley, black pepper, red pepper, and the remaining sugar in a bowl. Refrigerate. Before serving, combine lettuce green onions, almonds, and oranges. Toss with desired amount of dressing. Serves 10

Bag everything separately and assemble before serving.

Don’t try to rush the dressing and yes, refrigeration really makes a difference. This salad doesn’t keep overnight.

Try sliced strawberries and shredded carrots instead of oranges—Yummm.


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