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Wheat Kheer (Gothambu Payasam)

Updated on August 5, 2012

Cook Time

Prep time: 15 min
Cook time: 20 min
Ready in: 35 min
Yields: 6


Broken wheat – 100g

Jaggery - 200g

Coconut slices (small) - ¼ - ½ cup

Gram dal - 25g

Cardamom - 3 (powdered)

Dry ginger powder – a pinch

Ghee – 1 tbsp


Cook the broken wheat in water. Cook the gram dal (pulse) separately, mash slightly and keep it aside. Melt jaggery in little water, strain to remove the residue. Add the mashed gram dal and cooked wheat and bring to boil. Add cardamom powder, ginger powder and remove from flame. Roast the coconut pieces in ghee and add into the kheer and serve hot.

Note: If you are using whole wheat, grind it coarsely before cooking.

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