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When Roasting Leg of Lamb Start with an Old Fashioned Lamb Recipe For Great Results!

Updated on March 2, 2012
I always use the Bone In Shank or Full Leg of Lamb
I always use the Bone In Shank or Full Leg of Lamb

Fifty Year Old Fashioned Recipe for Roasting Leg Of Lamb

With Easter just around the corner my mind drifts back fifty years ago to the time when I had my first taste of Roast Leg Of Lamb. I can still remember the flavor and the wonderful side dishes which my friend prepared and shared with me at a family dinner which she served frequently. In her family there was no waiting for Easter to serve a roast lamb leg but it was one of the staple foods which she served her family often.

For years after I married I would bring out my Roast Lamb Recipe until finally I had it committed to memory. It became one of our favorite meals and usually when we had company come for dinner I would prepare a roast lamb leg and to the surprise of our guests they loved it and would ultimately ask me where I learned how to cook leg of lamb before the night was over.

Side dishes which are a must for our family include Oven Roasted Potatoes, Pearl Onions in the Roast Lamb Leg Gravy and fresh string beans with mushrooms. Add to that some fresh home baked dinner rolls and your dinner is complete.

As the years passed and our children grew up and married we find that we usually only prepare our treasured Roast Leg of Lamb Recipe just once a year and that is on Easter Sunday.

Our family has grown to 22 and they all look forward to Easter Sunday with great anticipation and can't wait to enter our house thru the kitchen and are greeted by the wonderful aroma of treasured smells which reminds them of their youth.

Food has so many elements in addition to the wonderful tastes but they also have the ability to transport us back to memories which weave themselves throughout our lives as our son's begin to share them with their own children and a tradition continues.

In our family traditions run deep as we feel that a tree with strong roots can weather many storms but a tree without roots will surely fall when the wind blows strong.

I hope you enjoy Our Treasured Family Leg Lamb Recipe.

Pearl Onions Roasted in The Pan Drippings
Pearl Onions Roasted in The Pan Drippings
Roast Leg Of Lamb
Roast Leg Of Lamb
Oven Roasted Potatoes
Oven Roasted Potatoes

Old Fashioned Leg Of Lamb Recipe

Shank end or whole Leg of Lamb (Depending on size of Roast)
Several Garlic Cloves cut in half lengthwise
Coarse Salt
Black Pepper
Flour for Dusting Roast
French's Gravy Master
2 Jars of Aunt Nellie's Pearl Onions

Using a sharp knife make several deep slits in the leg of lamb
Insert half a garlic close in each slit and push deep into the meat
Rub roast well with Salt and Pepper
Dust the entire Roast with flour and rub it in as much as possible
Place Roast into an open Roasting Pan in a Rack
Open Pearl Onions and pour into bottom of roasting pan
use 3 tablespoons of Gravy Mater in one cup of water and pour in with Onions
Place into a preheated over at 300 degrees
Cook until well done basting frequently - about 3 and a half to 4 hours depending on size of Roast
Remove and place on a large platter and let rest for about 10 minutes
While Roast Lamb Leg is resting put about 3 or 4 tablespoons of flour into a half cup of water and blend well until smooth with no lumps then gradually add to the onions and pan drippings which has been placed on top of the stove over a medium heat until it reaches the consistency you like.

Slice Roast and serve with Oven Browned Potatoes, String Beans and Mushrooms and the pearl onions and gravy. Ladle plenty of gravy over the Sliced Roast Leg of Lamb and the Oven Browned potatoes. Enjoy!

Please come back and make a comment on your results.


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    • GwenTrullinger profile image

      GwenTrullinger 5 years ago from Southern Iowa USA

      Wow, Robbie - great hub and recipe! I will be down for dinner with you guys. I have never eaten Roast Leg of Lamb. I will have to add that to new recipes I want to prepare. I appreciate the easy to follow directions for the meal.

    • lifeonthestoop profile image

      Robbie Bracco 5 years ago from Fruitland Park Florida

      Fantastic Gwen! Our Door is always open and Roast Leg Of Lamb is one of our Family Favorites.

    • lifeonthestoop profile image

      Robbie Bracco 3 years ago from Fruitland Park Florida

      So glad you liked it Gwen! Just some of my recipes I can't live without! LOL

    • lifeonthestoop profile image

      Robbie Bracco 3 years ago from Fruitland Park Florida

      So glad you liked it Gwen! Just some of my recipes I can't live without! LOL

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