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Best Dessert Recipes Easy and Quick

Updated on November 1, 2017
Yum Yum
Yum Yum | Source
Love is in the air!
Love is in the air! | Source

Tools for the job

Pancake Recipes for you and yours - Simple and Delicious

To enable you and yours to create my recipes you will need the following utensils and items:-

Pint Jug

Wooden Spoon

Frying Pan





If you ensure that you have all of your utensils at hand at the onset it will make life a lot easier when you come to processing your pancakes. There is nothing worse than having started the process to find that you cannot find one of the items you need, so my advice to you is to make sure your well prepared before starting to make them.

Now I know that Valentine day has gone but you can have pancakes at anytime!

It isn't only kids that like pancake's, all of our loved one's like pancakes. And why not incorporate a pancake on Valentine's day or continue the theme of love for a little longer until pancake day!

Both days equally demonstrate love for each other

If you think about it, once a year, every year we have Valentine's day and we have Pancake day and they are only a couple of day in between each other.

Valentine's day we think about our loved ones and we do something for them, either by cooking them a splendid meal or taking them out or buying them gifts.

Pancake day is another tradition where by we do something different for our loved ones. O.k, that could include the children but we could use pancake day as a way of expressing our love once again. Why not have two romantic days rather than one.

The more the merrier I say!

Valentine day and Pancake day to me go hand in hand, both days are so close together..

Love is in the air!
Love is in the air! | Source

Ingredients to add that wow factor

75 g or 3 oz Plain flour

1/4 teaspoon salt

3 eggs

1/2 pint 275/300 ml milk

1 oz melted butter

Lemon juice

Castor sugar

My recipe will provide enough batter for eight and is slightly different to the traditional one egg method and makes a really light alternative.

You could actually involve you partner in making the pancakes as they are great fun to make and taste even better when one of you prepares and one of you cooks!

A romantic table also adds to the love.....

Oh splendid!
Oh splendid! | Source

The method to achieve perfection

Ok, you will need to set aside around ten minutes to prepare the ingredients once you have all of your ingredients and utensils ready to go.

Sift the flour and salt into your mixing bowl

Whisk in the eggs one by one

Add the milk a little at a time

Now onto the cooking

Make sure you have greased your frying pan and that it is about 8inches or 20cm in size

Heat the greased frying pan until the fat smokes

Pour about 3 tablespoons of the batter into the centre of the pan and quickly tilt the pan to spread the mixture evenly (be careful not to spill the ingrediants)

Cook over a high heat for approximately 1 minute until all of the batter has set and the edges are turning light brown and crisp

Toss the pancake, or using a spatula turn it over, now be careful at this point that you ensure that you are holding the frying pan away from your body

Once you have tossed the pancake return to the heat and cook for a further minute

Put the pancake onto a hot plate

This video will help you to achieve the perfect pancake

Alternative fillings to make a difference

You can sprinkle the top of your pancake with sugar and lemon juice or orange juice if your looking for something simple, quick and easy or alternatively you could fill you pancake before folding it with a small tablespoon of the following fillings:-

Any fruit in season such as apples, plums or apricots or if you want something sour gooseberries

8oz of curd cheese mixed with 2oz chopped almonds and 1tablespoon of sugar and a little lemon juice

mmmmm Delicious!

There is something quite challenging about tossing a pancake!

When I first tossed a pancake I was terrified. Sure I would toss it out of the pan and onto the dog! Who was always stood right by my legs and waiting for me to drop the pancake!

Now after a few goes I have overcome the challenge and can actually toss a pancake without dropping it on the dog! Now the rest of the family and their attempts are yet to be seen, I am sure they will toss a pancake for me one day.

My hubby on the other hand has never tossed a pancake and this year is going to be the first (he doesn't know yet).

I am planning to prepare everything for him and then ask him if he would do the honour of making them. It will be the first time in our thirty two year of marriage that I would be having the pancake made for me and I think it will be very amusing to see if he finds the task as much of a challenge as I did when I first tossed a pancake.

Now all I can say to you lovely readers is don't despair if the pancake doesn't flop right back into the pan the first time, practice makes perfect as they say and if you have followed the recipe you should have enough batter already made to try again two or three times before perfection is reached in your eyes.

And this video will help you to see how you too can toss a pancake!

Explanation for your children when the question "Why do we have pancake day" is raised

A possible response to this question could be that pancake's have been around since the Middle Ages, during that time they were served as an accompaniment to many other dishes.

Pancakes going back then and now are associated with 'Shrove Tuesday' and it was a convenient way and still is to using up eggs and other foods before the beginning of Lent.

Pancake races have also existed almost as long as pancakes.

Which do you prefer?

Out of the two types of pancakes which is your favourite

See results

Or you could try savoury pancakes at any time of the year

450 gramme's potatoes

4 oz self raising flour

3-4 fluid ounces Milk

Sea Salt

Freshly ground black pepper

2 oz butter

Grate the potatoes

Sieve flour into a mixing bowl, stir in the milk

Mix in the grated potatoes and season with the salt and pepper

Heat the butter in a frying pan until hot

Drop in 1 tablespoon of the batter and cook for 3 to 4 minutes or until golden brown turning until both sides are done

Remove from pan, place on hot plate and sprinkle a little salt on top

You can vary these by adding chopped onions or sage or alternatively cover them with tomato sauce and sprinkle on chopped ham.

mmmm lovely!

And finally....

It's only fair that who ever makes them should not have to wash up!


Maybe have two days of Valentine's Day

Why not extend Valentines day, I have also written another hub, link below to show you another outstanding dinner menu for Valentines day to get both lovers into the spirit of love! Enjoy.

The Red Rose to make her heart flutter, always works for me!

And now you are sitting comfortably eating your pancakes it's time to hand her the red rose! ahh!
And now you are sitting comfortably eating your pancakes it's time to hand her the red rose! ahh! | Source

© 2012 Trudy Cooper


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