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Which Double Cheesebuger is better? Mcdonalds or Burger Kings

Updated on August 28, 2009
Burger King's (left) Mcdonalds (right)
Burger King's (left) Mcdonalds (right)

     McDonalds has been rulling the double cheeseburger world with its amazingly priced
double cheeseburger. Being a lover of cooking and fine dining, I would have to admit that although I am not a fast food lover - I occasionally will take advantage of this offer and get
a double cheeseburger while i'm on the road or maybe too lazy to cook something for lunch. I believe that this gave them an edge over the Burger Kings price which sold the double cheeseburger as high as $2.40. 

    Burger King has suffered a loss in this competition with many stores loosing 3%-5% of their monthly sales. After having another vote, the franchisees decided to cut their double cheeseburger down to $1.00 to compete with the value item craze.  It was not an easy change, many opposed and the vote was turned down earlier by many BK operators. Still in some states it is still selling as high as 2.40 by owners who are worried about loosing money on each sell.

    So the question now for the average consumer is:

  • Which burger tastes the best?
  • How do you know to try Mcdonalds over BK's double cheeseburger?

In a bit of confusion of which to try, i decided to get one from both sides and do my own little taste test comparing size, taste and nutritional value.

Which will win the challenge?
Which will win the challenge?

McDonalds’ double cheeseburger is slightly smaller than their competitions. Even looking at the nutritional value, you will find that McDonalds’ double cheeseburger runs 440 calories compared to 510 calories in the BK's double cheeseburger. Burger King's choice has 1/4lb of meat which grants it more bite for your buck when deciding on which is more full filling. For those who are watching their weight and happen to find yourself having a moment of weakness, I would prefer McDonalds’ over Burger King's due to the nutritional value. Of course you’re not saving much but ever little bit helps I’m sure.

One thing I also noticed was that Burger King's double cheeseburger came hot and fresh compared to my McDonalds’ choice that I received a little warm but not as tempting as the BK double cheeseburger. I actually tried this 4 times and every time I did, BK won the challenge with a hot burger. Now maybe the BKs here just have a better method than others (I tried 2 locations) but that gained them some points with me.

Now concerning taste; I would have to say that Burger King's by far is the better tasting. Their flame broiled burgers grant a noticeable difference in the taste. To play it fair, I took a bite from McDonalds’ double cheeseburger - waited a while - and then from Burger King's. The difference in taste was unbelievably obvious for me which I am sure it would be for you as well.

I would say that when it comes to nutritional value, McDonalds would have won the battle with their double cheeseburger having lower carbs and calories. Concerning freshness, size and taste; I would put my money on Burger King’s double cheeseburger. I’m not sure how long this promotion will last but it’s definitely something that should be taken advantage of while it’s here.

Please answer my poll below. Would love to get some feedback

From your experience, would you vote for McDonalds or Burger King's double cheeseburger?

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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      i tasted the burger king double cheeseburger today and found that it is much better than mcdonald's double cheeseburger. since it tasted better i was sure that it was packed full of calories so I ate a little bit over half of the burger an threw the rest of it away. thanks for sharing the nutritional value, i feel a lot better about throwing about 40 cents and two hundred calories away in the trash!


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