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Which is more nutritious, organic or natural food

Updated on March 23, 2013
Heirloom tomatoes are example of organic foods
Heirloom tomatoes are example of organic foods | Source

There are no proofs on which is better between organic or natural food. According to some food experts there are no differences between the two. However, the Bureau of Soils in the Philippines said that the effects of the nutrients in organically and non-organically foods should go through comprehensive research to prove which is more nutritious.

Some nutritionists on the other hand, imply that on average, organically grown produce may have some small edge on levels of vitamin C, trace minerals and antioxidant phytonutrients compared with those produce that are yielded from conventional farming.

When one say, “natural,” this means it is unregulated whilst organic certification may entail that the set production standards have been meet.

The different types of tuna image. Tunas are example of natural foods.
The different types of tuna image. Tunas are example of natural foods. | Source

So which is a better choice between organic or natural food?

There is actually no correct answer on this witty question, though you may find out which will for work for you the best and what suits your preference very well.

Some individuals think and feel that organic food tastes better than the natural ones, but at the end it boils down to personal liking.

An evidenced-based research conducted by World Health Organization (WHO) discovered that both have potential health benefits and some risks. A non-profit organic industry supervisory body asserts that the commissioned study is a scheme that is goaded by greed.

I hope this would shed some light on this matter.

Thanks a lot for the read and for the time dropping by…

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Source: The New COOK


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    • MarieAlana1 profile image

      Marie Alana 4 years ago from Ohio

      It's all up to preference, but I have noticed that there is a lot more Red #40 in the foods that are is "natural."