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Why Do People Love Youtube Channel, Hellthy Junkfood?

Updated on December 1, 2017

"One Bite...For The Health Of It"

If you go to JP and Julia's patreon page, you will see that they are on the internet for "creating horrible spelling." Hellthy Junkfood isn't a mispelling, though. JP and Julia almost never make meals that are healthy, instead creating recipes that are over the top in some way. But JP with his sense of good humor and probably due to the many complaints he must get online for the spelling of his channel, wrote that as the reason people should donate money on Patreon.

They're a hilarious couple that is entertaining to watch as they cook and enjoy their life together. These are the reasons why people love the youtube channel, Hellthy Junkfood.

1. The Junk Food

We all love junkfood. It's delicious and many of the recipes on JP and Julia's channel will make you drool all over your screen. They don't just make normal junkfood, though, they get extra creative, trying new combinations of things and coming up with unique inventions in food that look as tasty as they are fattening. They do things that the rest of us wouldn't dare try (for fear of messing it up or because their ideas would require a lot of effort.)

And just in case you're not sure whether or not this is a healthy channel, they include the high calorie counts of all the food they make at the end of each episode.

2. The Giant Junk Food

They take normal sized food and create enormous versions of it. It sounds simple, but the execution of these things is harder than you'd think. For instance, the french fry in the video above is so huge that there is no potato large enough to cut a chunk off of it that would be big. So how did they make french fries that big? Through creativity and their knowledge of junkfood, they come up with ideas to execute their plans. You'll be amazed at the creative ways they solve the problems while trying to make normal junkfood in a large scale size.

3. The Food Inside Other Food

We all like junkfood that is stuffed with other things. Twinkies are stuffed with cream. Pizza crusts can be stuffed with cheese. Ravioli can be stuffed with meat.

But JP and Julia take things to the next level, stuffing foods inside other foods. Why have just a pizza slice when you can stuff a pizza slice inside a pizza slice and then eat it?

The only thing as fun as watching JP and Julia come up with these creations is watching them eat them afterwards.

4. The Food Experiments

Julia, in particular, is fascinated by strange ways to do things. She's willing to make ice cream with strange chemicals in it if she thinks it will stop it from melting, add vitamins to frosting if she thinks it will cause her donuts to glow, and build membranes for her water, so she can eat it instead of drinking it. When Julia hears that it's possible to do some new, strange thing with food, she's eager to try it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

She likes to experiment because she's a food scientist!

5. The Food Challenges

They're always challenging each other to make things and to eat things. Sometimes, when they can't agree on a recipe, they even compete with each other over who can make the same food better. It's fun to watch them push themselves and fun to see their passion for what they do. It's also fun to root for one side or the other as they present their eccentric ideas to you.

6. The Do-It-Yourself Recipes

Do you have a favorite fast food place and wish you could make the recipes of that fast food place at home? JP and Julia are here to help. They have a chef's level knowledge of food, which allows them to taste things and guess the ingredients that may be included inside. Their creativity they use to make large foods and foods inside of foods also helps them solve the problems that come up when trying to make foods similar to how they are made in a fast food restaurant without the help of all the cooking utensils and special kitchen items that come with actual fast food restaurants.

And just in case you want to recreate these same recipes at home, they have a website that allows you to look all this information up directly online.

7. The Channel Keeps Up With Food Trends

What new weird item are people talking about online? Whether it's fast food or a new, strange idea for a recipe that people are passing around, JP and Julia are almost guaranteed to be making a version of it on their channel. They are intrigued by new things and have the resources to travel around the world or make a deal with a company in order to make certain things happen sometimes.

8. J.P. Sweating When He Eats Hot Food

Poor JP has a very low tolerance for spicy food. While most youtubers who eat peppers and other spicy things will get loud or aggressive when they consume a hot pepper, JP looks like he is dying instead. He'll sweat, he'll cry, he'll swear. You can see the level of his suffering. There's no way he could fake that amount of pain, so he doesn't get accused of exaggerating it like many other youtubers are accused of doing.

And still he challenges himself with new spicy food challenges all the time, even though he knows he will regret it later.

9. They Seem Like They'd Be Fun To Spend Time With

JP and Julia are funny, friendly, and nice. They seem like the kind of people who would make you feel welcome when you come over and get you to relax with their sense of humor and kindness.

Since they can't consume all the junkfood they make because it would be a lot of calories, they wind up sharing large portions of it with their friends and neighbors, testing it out on them and seeing what they think. So there are definitely benefits to knowing and being close to JP and Julia.

10. Mr. Pig

Hellthy Junkfood has a mascot. He's a little pink pig at the end of one of their spatulas that they use in most of their episodes. You can see a picture of him in the corner of all of their videos, inviting you to subscribe. He's so subtle that you almost wouldn't notice him if you aren't paying attention, but he's in so many of their episodes and he comes up enough that he's actually a big part of their channel.


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