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Why I like SeaPak brand seafood

Updated on September 20, 2018
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Nyesha loves writing content about cooking & food recipes, restaurant reviews, movie reviews, television shows, weddings, and poetry.

SeaPak tempura shrimp


SeaPak brand seafood products

SeaPak brand seafood products are a staple item in my household. For the past several months, I have been buying SeaPak brand seafood products at least bi-weekly. In moderation, buying packaged foods such as SeaPak brand seafood products from the frozen food aisle of the grocery store can be considerably convenient and time saving.

  • Mothers, fathers and care providers in general, whoever it is that primarily does the cooking for the family can only do but so much. Meals need to be prepared every single day. Cooking elaborate and fancy meals from scratch all the time can be quite draining.
  • If you try to give yourself a little break by cooking in large quantities and providing leftovers for upcoming days, the leftovers can eventually seem a bit unappealing to one or more members of the family.
  • Bringing some excitement into your meals by dining out in restaurants or ordering food delivery from restaurants can also readily drain your wallet.
  • Processed food in supermarkets are avoided by many consumers because of several factors including the preservatives and artificial ingredients that they might contain. Additionally, many of these products simply do not taste good.
  • Nevertheless, prepared foods in the frozen aisle of the supermarket should not necessarily by ruled out. You can find a higher quality food brand such as SeaPak for heating in the oven and serving. You will find that it is an enormous time saver and when hot and ready from the oven, the food products from SeaPak brand can taste just as good as some restaurant foods.


Shrimp tempura

If you have ever ordered shrimp tempura in a restaurant, you will find that SeaPak brand shrimp tempura is comparable. It tastes delicious and the accompanying sauce tastes fantastic.


SeaPak tempura shrimp hot from the oven


Enjoy your food

Having good food to eat just feels good. If it doesn't taste good, why eat it? It's nice to eat your food not just to sustain your life but to also enjoy your food. SeaPak brand tempura shrimp is tremendously enjoyable and you will feel like you are eating part of a feast, indeed. You can easily serve this to your family and if you are entertaining, the shrimp tempura can readily be a tasty appetizer that you serve.

Besides for the shrimp tempura, there are other items that I enjoy from the SeaPak brand

In summary, SeaPak brand seafood has been instrumental in helping my family to truly enjoy our daily meals, everyday whether it is a day that I have chosen to cook an elaborate meal from scratch or not.

  1. SeaPak brand foods offer an amazing shortcut from cooking from scratch and the foods taste so good that we don't crave more expensive restaurant foods as often.
  2. Besides for the shrimp tempura, other items that I enjoy from the SeaPak brand include the SeaPak coconut shrimp that is highly flavorful and the SeaPak crispy spring rolls. They are so good! Similar crispy spring rolls are sold in Thai restaurants.
  3. A large box of the frozen crispy spring rolls from SeaPak can cost anywhere from $8.75-$12.99 on average depending on the supermarket that you are shopping in and whether it is offering its regular retail price or a lower sale price.
  4. I have seen the SeaPak brand tempura shrimp that I have been mentioning for the majority of this article on sale for as little at $5.75. A 75 cents off manufacturer's coupon for SeaPak can occasionally be found in the local paper.
  5. SeaPak products are typically more expensive at Harris Teeter supermarket than they are at Food Lion supermarket for example but at Harris Teeter, a 75 cents of coupon can be doubled to make a $1.50 off coupon. At Food Lion, the coupons can not be doubled.

© 2017 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


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