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Why is Raw Milk Illegal?

Updated on October 29, 2015

I have been on what you might call a health kick for about a year now. It started with giving up all sugar and high fructose corn syrup, that led to forgoing almost all packaged and processed foods because almost all packaged and processed foods have refined sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup in them, not to mention artificial additives, preservatives, chemicals and other incendiary ingredients. I began to eat a simple diet of meals almost entirely made of scratch. In the process I lost 40 pounds and haven't been sick for even one day. Along my journey I started to look into the whole raw milk controversy. I never gave it much thought before I started on a path of healthy eating but as I strove for healthier and more natural foods it became something I had to look into. After all, what do most of us know about the food that is presented to us for sale in the supermarkets? How many of us have ever been to a farm? I know I haven't.

Lucky for me I live in New York state where you can still get raw milk from a farm, in many states it's completely illegal to even give raw milk away! I have to tell you once you taste it you will never want to return to the tinny taste of store bought, pasteurized, super homogenized swill milk sold in the grocery stores!

My suspicions were aroused with all the news of government agents swat-teaming raw milk stores in various areas across the country. I mean, does it really make sense to you that we have cigarettes that we KNOW cause cancer sold in stores, we have liquor sold in America, we have every kind of chemical known to man sprayed on our fruits and vegetables and don't even get me started when it comes to genetically manufactured organisms or GMO franken foods that aren't even labeled but are peddled to us by the kind and loving Monsanto BUT raw milk, fresh milk straight from a grass-fed cow with no cancer causing hormone shots, that has been drunk for thousands of years... THAT MUST BE STOPPED, THAT IS ILLEGAL! We are living in an Alice-in-Wonderland crazy messed up world when fresh milk from a cow triggers a federal raid. Call me crazy but something is amiss here. In my mind if the federal government wants to halt all consumption of raw milk, then I want MORE! THERE MUST BE SOMETHING REALLY GOOD IN THAT MILK!

What does homogenized and pasteurized mean anyway? I wont bore you with a PhD explanation but simply put homogenized milk is milk that has been put through a machine so that the fat globules in milk and cream would be broken down and distributed equally throughout the milk. Pasteurized simply means boiled.

It used to be that when the milkman delivered your milk you could see a thick topping of cream at the top of the milk. In that way people knew that the milk was good. The cream was a sign that the milk was of high quality.

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The reason dairies pasteurize and homogenize milk today has NOTHING to do with making it safe and everything to do with profits, go figure! Pasteurized and homogenized milk can be transported long distances and will stay on the shelf longer. Moreover, there is no way to tell if the milk is good or not. In addition, homogenized milk is essential when you are selling crappy milk. It's just like when you have water problems..what do they tell you to do? They tell you in order to make sure the water is safe to drink to boil it, it's the same thing with low-grade swill milk from grain fed, sick, factory-confined cows. The milk must be boiled so as to kill all the bacteria resulting from the unhealthy conditions the cows are in! Cows that are fed grass (which is what they are supposed to eat) and left to wander on a green pastures produce healthy delicious milk full of wonderful nutrients. Instead we have cows that are confined in deplorable, disgusting conditions, that are fed grain and then given hormone shots in order to keep from getting sick from the grain.

Moreover, time and time again children and adults who have suffered from allergies, eczema, osteoporosis and other ailments when put on fresh milk had their ailments diminish or completely disappear. Not only that but in the early part of the last century several books were written lauding the health benefits of raw milk, books like “Milk Diet as a Remedy for Chronic Disease” written in 1905 by Charles Porter. He wrote that boiled, pasteurized, sterilized or milk preserved in any way cannot be used for treatment. Pasteurizing milk renders it unsuitable for human use. Dogs fed on pasteurized milk only are liable to have the mange and other disorders while others of the same litter thrive on raw, sweet and sour milk. Or Professor James Tyson writing in June 1884 Journal of the American Medical Association that uric acid in the urine disappeared and that consistent use of milk cured kidney stones. No other food than milk should be permitted in the treatment of gastric ulcers, he said, and no other treatment for obesity is so effective as the milk diet. There are dozens of books like these, all were written about 100 years ago. These doctors are mentioned in a book called “The Untold Story of Milk” a book I would highly recommend and is offered above. Things that make you go hmmm.

Now, I am no scientist but it makes me wonder why the rate of certain cancers like breast cancers and cancers known to prey on children have sky-rocketed in recent years when at the same time we as a nation have stopped drinking fresh milk. It has been about 50 years and in that time certain cancers have risen off the charts, obesity has skyrocketed! Could it be the milk? Could it be that we are being systematically killed through the milk? I have my suspicions. I also wonder why the government is so hell-bent on suppressing fresh milk through law enforcement and lobbying efforts. Sure greed is a motive but it seems to me that other industries, which are just as greedy, are not going to such herculean efforts to suppress items like raw milk. It makes me wonder, does it make you wonder why? I know one thing, the more the government suppresses raw milk the more I'll drink it!


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