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Why so many people like to have supper before going to bed

Updated on September 25, 2015

Why so many people like to have supper before going to bed?

Normally we have the three basic meal daily – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And these three meals is all we need for our daily nutritional needs. But nowadays with plenty of food choices, inability to suppress our hunger, and the ease of food availability, even supper is also part of the daily meal even though it is not advisable to have any meal prior to bedtime. Our body was supposed in the relaxed state prior to bedtime so it is not advisable to take in any heavy meal. However there are some reason why so many people still having midnight snack and facing eating disorders for some. Supper don’t always bad if eaten in some days in a month and in a healthy diet but it can be bad to your health if supper is taken daily without control. Here are some reasons why people have supper before going to sleep:

a) Insufficient dinner

Having less food at the dinner time are the main reason many having supper hours prior to bedtime. When a person consume less food during the dinner, he may still room in his stomach for more food or he will get hungry quickly, maybe just few hours after dinner, and that’s is when the appetite craving for supper comes. To counter this problem, it is important that each three basic meal is fully feed and packed with nutrients. That doesn’t mean you can overeat, but keep it in moderation and keeps you full enough for your daily life. If you still insists on having supper, try some nutritional alternatives such as milk and fruits as a substitute for high calorie foods instead.

b) Availability of 24 hours eating shop

24 hour eating premises such as McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, and some hawker centres are the best place for anyone who suddenly feel hungry at nighttime. Often there will be fast food that will be commonly served at these premises as people could not afford to wait for cooked food any longer at night. Even 24 hour shop such as 7-Eleven also sell some food, either ready to eat or packaged food which can also be the focus point for supper cravers. Premises opened at night includes night clubs and bars sometimes also serves supper which is also the focus point for night owls to fill their hunger. As long as people knows where to find food, there will be more people having supper at night.

c) High appetite craving

Those who have obesity or low in body metabolism content are highly to have supper frequently at night. This is because these people has the high appetite craving for their lost in metabolism is high and the temptation of high calorie food are simply irresistible. Most of the supper consumers are keen on the high calorie foods and little is emphasis on healthier alternatives. Other unhealthy but preferred food such as instant noodles or ordered delivery from fast food restaurants which operates 24 hours are also choice supper. For healthier alternatives try food such as milk, fruits, and carbohydrate food can be consumed as supper but in moderate amount as a substitute for high calorie food intake.

d) Insomnia

People with inability to sleep well at night also has the tendency to consume supper at late night. Often times when they feel hungry of feel stressed to sleep, delicious but less healthy food are often the apparent cure for their sleep inability. In reality, the supper actually makes the sleep inability even worse as you forces your tired, relaxed body to start digest food and therefore you’re actually make the insomnia worst for letting your body overwork from your supper consumption. The best food to consume before bedtime is milk, which is nutritional and sleep-inducing.

e) Late night entertainment

Live sports matches which normally broadcasted at night are the best time for people to have supper while watching the team they support on television. This is the time when the craving for junk food and drinks are at the highest while they are enjoying the games. Late night movies are also the factor supper being consumed. And most of the time, unhealthy junk food and drinks is preferred. Other late night entertainment includes night club and pub activities are also serving supper for patrons which is also another factor in increasing supper consumption.

Do you always have supper? If so, how beneficial is this article to you?

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