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Why you are not eating fresh at Subway

Updated on July 12, 2016

Your are not eating fresh!

I recently stood outside of a Subway franchise in downtown Columbus, Ohio and watched through the window as the clerk and manager prepared the store for opening. What I saw made me not want to eat from Subway ever again and really, I haven't. Subway commercials attest that you are eating fresh and that my friends that is not what I experienced. With my own eyes (and you can see it for your self) I saw the employee take the whole tray with the meats and condiments that had a plastic wrap lid out of a fridge and placed it down on display ready to serve. OK, so what right? How fresh is it when the chicken, meatballs and Philly cheese steak meat is already cooked. When you ask for a chicken sandwich here's what they do.They ask you what type of bread you want then they grab the meat right from a tray where it's already cooked. Then they place it in the oven. (because it's cold meat) If it's already cooked in the AM, then how fresh do you think it is? I'll tell you what fresh is. Fresh is grabbing the chicken, steak or meatballs and cooking it before my eyes or even just cooking it in the store for that matter. The food is delivered to the store already cooked shipped from a factory. They simply warm it up for you in the grill when you order it. The closest you can come to eating fresh at Subway is the vegetables, I give them that. As I mentioned the employee pulled the tray out with the condiments and vegetables already on it. They did not chop up new lettuce or tomatoes, they salvaged the vegetables from the night before. The true fresh item at Subway is the bread, not denying them that but that is it. Subway practices false advertisement and you don't have to ask me to see for yourself. Go ahead and ask your local Subway restaurant if they cooked the meat they served you. If you want to eat fresh then eat somewhere where they actually cook your food and not just warm up processed food. Also mind you they do breakfast now. The eggs they serve you in pancake form are processed somewhere else. It comes in a plastic bag and is micro-waved before your eyes then placed on your bread. The egg white or yellow to your choice is ultimately disgusting and rubbery.

Subway......just eat, nothing fresh about it but the bread.

Do you think that Subway is realy fresh?

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    • Efficient Admin profile image

      Efficient Admin 5 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      I used to moonlight at Subway part-time job about 10 years ago and the meat is already cooked and ready to serve. The only things we had to cut up from scratch was onions, green peppers, and tomatoes. The bread was frozen and at night we defrosted them in a special oven and then the loaves were baked the next morning. I do like Jersey Mike's a lot, but all in moderation because of the sodium content.

    • cloverleaffarm profile image

      Healing Herbalist 5 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

      If anyone thought that the food at Subway was "fresh", they are fooling themselves.

    • cheapstuff profile image

      cheapstuff 5 years ago from California

      I can see your point although this could just be at your store. After all it is Ohio, just joking but I had to. =D

      Definitely though, nothing can be extremely fresh from a fast food franchise however I think the ad is simply competing with other fast food restaurants who serve extremely old food.

      Jersey Mikes has pretty fresh sandwiches though I would not consider it fast food. They actually cut the meat and cheese right in front of you.

      Good read on how advertising is not exactly truthful.