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Wild American Shrimp

Updated on August 30, 2007

Did you know that many of the shrimp sold in US stores and restaurants are actually imported from other countries? Many foreign companies raise shrimp in ponds, and are able to send massive quantities of these farmed shrimp to the U.S. for low prices. This has resulted in (a) shrimp that are less fresh than those caught domestically and (b) a negative impact on the shrimping industry in America.

The influx of cheaper foreign shrimp has resulted in reduced prices for domestic shrimp, and reduced income in those who shrimp for a living. Even as gas prices increase, domestic shrimpers are having to lower their prices in order to remain competitive. In a business that is seasonal and unpredictable by nature, professional shrimpers in the US are having to cope with having to offer decreased wholesale prices in order to compete with lower-cost imported products.

I live near the Gulf of Mexico, and know many people who shrimp for a living. I have seen firsthand how the increase of imported shrimp has negatively impacted the small community of Bayou la Batre, AL. Between being battered by hurricanes and dealing with the economic impact of cheap imported seafood, this community is struggling to survive.

My brothers owned "hobby" shrimp boats for years, so I grew up eating Wild American Shrimp. There is no comparison between truly fresh, wild shrimp and those that have been farmed, processed, packed, and shipped from one continent to the other.

What matters to consumers, of course, is taste. There is no substitute for truly fresh seafood. If you think that all shrimp are created equal, I challenge you to try the same recipe with imported shrimp and Wild American Shrimp. You'll notice a difference right away.

When you see how much better Wild American Shrimp really are, let restaurant owners and supermarket buyers know how you feel. Consumers can make a difference in the future of the shrimping industry in the United States.

Try my recipe for Spicy Boiled Shrimp if you like seafood with a kick. For more great Wild American Shrimp recipe ideas, see


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  • daybreak profile image

    daybreak 7 years ago from Atlantic Coast of North America

    I prefer wild caught shrimp, especially if its freshly caught. There is a definite difference. By the way, this hub is ranked among the top 10 pages on Google for "American shrimp".

  • profile image

    Oscar 8 years ago

    Well allow me to retort... but it is well known that the best shrimp, both in consistency and taste is the wild mexican shrimp - by far.

  • The Rope profile image

    The Rope 8 years ago from SE US

    Well said! It's horrible what has happened and the differences in fresh vs imported is amazing but what's more amazing is the lack of questions that are being asked in the marketplaces to ensure the grocery dollar is being spent on the best available shrimp. Have linked your hub to mine on Shrimp Burgers, hope you don't mind.