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Best Red Wine In South America.The Tannat, From Uruguay.

Updated on September 25, 2016

The best kept secret on wines.

If you are a wine connoisseur , or you just love to enjoy a glass of good wine , you probably are missing out on some of the best wines on the planet , the WINES OF URUGUAY.There are many reasons why Uruguayan wines are not widely known in the US, one of them being the price,a good Uruguayan wine would have to compete with a lower quality, Chilean or Argentinian wine due to these countries larger economic and geographical importance and power.I guess that's why most of the Uruguay's wine exports head for Europe.That and the fact that most of the wine international quality competition and in which Uruguayan wines excel take place in Europe.There are three main reasons why Uruguayan wines are extraordinary in quality,first is the people who make them,they are the descendants of immigrants who came from regions of Europe where the best wines have been made for centuries,basques,in Spain and France, and Italians, second, the climate of Uruguay is ideal for the types of grapes brought into the country by these immigrants,and third the soils these knowledgeable immigrants chose for the production of the grapes .The main areas for vineyards are The coastal areas in the south in the department of Montevideo,Canelones ,San Jose, Soriano ,and Colonia,in the northern departments of Salto and Artigas,and in the Mediterranean department of Tacuarembo.This last department I mention Tacuarembo is such a secret that it is even unknown to most people inside the country, but there are some really high-quality wines produced here,although the quantity is limited.Here in the US is really difficult to find any Uruguayan wines at all ,but if you happen to come across one and you decide to try it and you like it just be aware that this is probably one of the average Uruguayan wines since a lot of the competition here in the United States is based on the price as much as the quality and even though Uruguayan wines can compete in quality they are not as competitive in price.

Vinalies Internationals Wine Competition.2014.

Uruguay has historically produced good and High-quality wines just because of where the country's population immigrated from.It is safe to say that about one-third of the population Immigrated from Spain one-third immigrated from Italy and another third from the rest of Europe combined. Today's most famous and internationally recognised Uruguayan wine is the Tannat ,which is a red wine and was locally named Harriague in honor of the family of Basque origin that introduced the variety of grape used to produce it and began producing the wine in the country well over a century ago,At this most recent international wine competition held in Paris,France the results obtained by Uruguayan wineries is astonishing,obtaining 4 Gold Medals ,and 9 Silver Medals.The wines of Uruguay were awarded 11 % of the total Gold Medals 28 % of the Silver Medals ,for a total of 40% of all medals awarded at the event.There is a total of 3503 wines participating from 41 countries,of which 1578 are from France and 1925 are from around the world.

Gold Medal Winners
Artesana Tannat Zifandel Merlot 2011
Brújula Loca Tannat Merlot 2012
Remanso Forestado
Tannat Exotic 2013
Berolini & Broglio
Amaneceres de Daymán 2011
Vinos Finos H.Stagnari
Silver Medal Winners
Garzón Viognier 2013
Garzón Tannat 2012
Km0 Río de la Plata Tannat Gran Reserva 2011
Familia Irurtia
Varela Zarranz Tannat Reserva 2011
Viña Varela Zarranz
Tannat A6 Parcela Única 2011
Bouza Bodega Boutique
Tannat Exotic Sensa Madera 2013
Bertolini & Broglio
Gran Guarda Tannat Cabernet Sauvignon 2011
Vinos Finos H.Stagnari
Tannat Viejo 2011
Vinos Finos H.Stagnari
Tannat Viejo 2012
Vinos Finos H.Stagnari
Tannat Premier 2013
Vinos Finos H.Stagnari

How much do you know about wine.

Have you ever heard of Uruguayan wines.

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    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 3 years ago from Uruguay

      Uruguay being a country where beef is the most consumed food product has throughout history produced some high quality wines that pair well with meats ,and due to the influx of Italian and other traditional European wine makers competes internationally with great success mainly in the Red ,and Riesling categories.

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 3 years ago from Uruguay

      Thank you bethperry,they are not easy to find ,but they make a good piece of BBQ meat even better when you pair the. thanks for stopping by .always a pleasure.

    • bethperry profile image

      Beth Perry 3 years ago from Tennesee

      Mio cid, your Hub is about one of my favorite things! I regret to say I've yet to try any wines from Uruguay, but I will definitely have to very soon. Mm, there are few things better than a quality Merlot!