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World's Greatest Fresh Salsa

Updated on June 2, 2010

One of the most delicious foods is Salsa. Salsa is a perfect dip, side dish, and addition to a number of main courses. And like the world's greatest BLT, Salsa requires fresh ingredients for optimal taste and satisfaction.

Their are only a few ingredients in Salsa and the amount of each ingredient completely depends on an individuals taste and style. If you enjoy a more fresh tomato taste, add additional tomatoes, need a little bit more zing add onions. Spice can come with additional hot peppers.

The main ingredients for the World's Greatest Fresh Salsa is:

  1. Tomatoes - Fresh from the Garden. Store bought tomatoes never can compare to those grown in a home garden or purchased at a farmers market.
  2. Onions - I prefer a yellow onion but white onions are often used.
  3. Cilantro - If you can grow Cilantro in your Garden, do so. It is a great addition to all Mexican foods including Fresh Salsa.
  4. Hot Peppers - You need to know your peppers to know how hot or mild you like your salsa.
  5. Lime Juice

When preparing your Fresh Salsa, dice the onions to small pieces. It's best to have the onions add to the flavor of the tomatoes, not distract from it. Large pieces of onions can overwhelm a bit of your salsa.

Cut the tomatoes to the size of your choice. If you enjoy large chunks, keep them large. Smaller mashed junks if you like your salsa to be more like a dip. I feel larger chunks give the salsa a Fresher taste.

Like the other ingredients, the amount of cilantro you add depends completely on your taste. I often use about half a handful of cilantro that has been diced for 3 tomatoes and one onion.
Cut the peppers into small tiny pieces or add a touch of red pepper flakes to add a bit of spice to the salsa. Like onions, too much or too large of a pepper piece will distract from the rest of the salsa.

Add a touch of lime juice to add some fresh citrus to the salsa.

After you've prepared each ingredient, mix them together with a fork in a large bowl and enjoy with tortilla chips or your favorite mexican dish.


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    • Food Critic profile image

      Food Critic 8 years ago

      Fresh, simple and looks good, i might try it. thanks for sharing.