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Worlds Best Restaurants, including Norma in Copenhagen Denmark

Updated on October 21, 2013
el Bulli Spain.
el Bulli Spain.

Top Ten Restaurants in the World 2010

  1. Noma, Denmark

  2. el Bulli, Spain

  3. The Fat Duck, UK

  4. El Celler de Can Roca, Spai

  5. Mugaritz, Spain

  6. Osteria Francescana, Italy

  7. Alinea, US

  8. Daniel, US

  9. Arzak, Spain

  10. Per Se, US

A markerEl Bulli Spain -
El Bulli, C/ CALA MONTJOI, S/N, 17480 Roses, Spain
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Worlds top 10 Restaurant's- I first wondered about this topic after Jules raised the issue of attending and reporting on a lunch or dinner she was having at el Bulli in Spain earlier this year. With the advent of TV Celebrity Chefs over the last couple of years a lot of attention is now being paid to what are the very best restaurants in the World. For the last few years el Bulli Restaurant in Spain has been voted consistently as the very best restaurant in the World according to British Restaurant Magazine. This year it has been knocked off its top perch by Noma in Denmark. Famed Spanish restaurant el Bulli lost its crown as the world’s best in an international poll Monday after four years at the top, beaten to the number one spot by rising star Norma in Copenhagen. ElBulli’s defeat in the S Pellegrino World’s Best 50 Restaurants list is a blow for the eatery and its trailblazing chef, Ferran Adria. However, the 47-year-old chef, known for his avant-garde approach to cooking which uses hi tech methods to “deconstruct” and rebuild ingredients in surprising ways, was still recognised at the British awards when he was named Chef of the Decade.

Noma Copenhagen Denmark

The restaurant is located in an old warehouse on the waterfront in the Christianshavn neighbourhood of central Copenhagen.

The cuisine of Noma is Nordic/Scandinavian; the restaurant's founders René Redzepi and Claus Meyer have attempted to redefine this Nordic cuisine. The cuisine of Noma can be considered more an interpretation of Nordic food than classical Nordic food itself, according to Meyer in the book Norma - Nordic Cuisine .

The Fat Duck

The Fat Duck as Restaurant near Windsor in Berkshire England describes it's menu as follows:

" The tasting menu is a sequence of dishes designed not only to capture a delicious and exciting range of flavours, textures and aromas, but also to bring multisensory appeal, some culinary history and a sense of theatre to the dining experience."

El Celler de Can Roca

El Celler de Can Roca is the work of three brothers: head chef Joan Roca, maitre d’ and head sommelier Josep and pastry chef Jordi. Such a meteroric climb into the top 10 might be attributed to their move and new state-of-the-art kitchen-cum-lab, a wine cellar that offers customers an audio-visual journey through five key wine regions and a breathtaking dining space created with natural, organic materials and an abundance of natural light. Spain has yet another top 10 masterpiece restaurant in El Celler De Can Roca.


Andoni Luis Aduriz is often portrayed as the quiet man of Nueva Cocina. His food is less flamboyant than that of many modern Spanish chefs, and, ostensibly, he is less driven by new technology and kitchen science. But it is all a matter of degree. Aduriz spent two years studying the chemistry of coagulation in order to produce the perfect poached egg. Clearly, he is a chef in possession of a fathomless curiosity and a razor-sharp cutting-edge. “I encourage my team to make an individual effort to explore the origin of everything they touch and transform over fire.”

Osteria Francescana

Osteria Francescana just missed out in making the World’s 50 Best Restaurants last year, so being 13thmust be particularly sweet for Massimo Bottura.
This is the most cutting edge food in Italy. Buttura is a master of colour, texture and geometry, the results are quite superb looking dishes.

Osteria Francescana’s walls are adorned with some of the best contemporary art in the world, and Buttura matches them on the plate with his artistic skill.

Take his interpretation of a New York skyline, a dish of Italian meats gently cooked sous vide, standing in for buildings and parsley foam depicting foliage

 Alinea is a restaurant in Chicago that opened in 2005. Its head chef and owner, Grant Achatz, is known for his preparations and deconstructions of classic flavors.   has included a peanut butter and jelly composed of a single, peeled grape, still on the stem, encased in peanut butter and wrapped in paper-thin brioche.


Sydneys Quay Restaurant made 27th in the list the top Australian Restaurant. Tetsuyas dropped 21 places no no 38


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