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Wraptastic As Seen On TV

Updated on December 24, 2012


Wraptastic was the perfect As Seen On TV product to chisel me out of the stone wall I'd been hiding in. It has been such a long time since I kicked my infomercial addictions, both buying them and obsessing over how stupid they were.

This was all in the past for me until I saw the rather reserved, but still foolish Wraptastic Commercial. I don't know why it was this completely simple product that got my juices flowing once again but perhaps it was the simplicity itself.

The usual path for an infomercial product to direct marketing success is that it is part of a simple formula. That formula?

  • BE Inexpensive
  • Solve A Simple Problem
  • And convince people they have this problem and it needs to be fixed.

So this is where I got sucked in. I actually have the problem the wraptastic claims to solve. I don't have it a lot but when I do have it, it drives me nuts.

Wraptastic Commercial

Now I will say that I definitely DO have this problem when I try to use plastic wrap. However, I only use plastic wrap once in a blue moon. Just in case you skipped the opportunity to watch the commercial above, the problem is the plastic wrap bunching up when you tear it off the roll.

Not only does it bunch up, but it never seems to tear evenly and I do tend waste a ton of the stuff when I'm trying to wrap something, but do I really need a solution to my very rare problem. More importantly, does the entire world suffer with the same affliction? I'm going to assume not.

But, you have to admit that when you factor in the Aluminum Foil and Wax Paper this thing becomes a handy multi-tool! Really? Well, let's give them the benefit of the doubt on that one because I'm sure there are people who a lot of foil and wax paper.

In fact, the deli where I get my sandwich every day happens to use both on every one they make. They tear theirs and I have to say, they are pretty darn good at it. So I asked them if they would use something like this, and showed them the commercial on my phone.

The employees all thought it was pretty cool but they all agreed it looked like using like it they would need to, seems like more trouble than it was worth.

The wraptastic is rather small and is clearly for single roll use. If you don't have a bunch of them, you'll need to change out the rolls every time you want to switch from plastic wrap to foil. This makes the BOGO offer a little more appealing but I'm still not biting.

Let me know what you think about Wraptastic and whether you think we are looking at the next As Seen On TV smash hit. I have very high hopes for this thing, but very low expectations.


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