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Albana di Romagna Vigna della Rocca

Updated on August 28, 2012

Albana di Romagna is dry or sweet white wine made from the grape variety Albana, grown exclusively in Romagna. The grapes come in bunches medium, tight, berries medium, round, golden yellow color with a thin skin.

The minimum alcohol content is 12 °.

Deep gold, endless bouquet, crisp acidity, massive structure in the best vintages. Distintive, traditional, long-lived. Terroir's victory over unexciting uniformity.

To describe and celebrate this classic white wine of Romagna is handed a one ancient legend.
It is said that the daughter of Theodosius, Galla Placidia, first tasted this wine during a stop in a village in the Romagna. She was served in a crude earthenware pitcher but had just drunk was ecstatic from the goodness of that nectar so that said: "Not so humble you should be drinking, but gold goblets, to pay homage to your gentleness."
Since then, they say, the court of Ravenna is invaluable in Albana drank golden goblets, and the country where the princess stopped to eat was called "Bertinoro", a name which still retains. It also appears that Frederick Barbarossa, at the time he was a guest of the Countess Frangipane precisely Bertinoro, Albania was so excited to be granted frequent drunkenness.
Today Bertinoro, in the province of Forlì, is rightly considered the heart of the production of Albana di Romagna.

This wine was also described in the 13th century by medieval wine writer Pier de Crescenzi as being "very strong and of noble taste, well suited for long maturation and at the same time quite subtle … the best of this type of grape can be had at Forlì and throughout the Romagna".

The Albana di Romagna Doc goes back to 1967 and in 1987 he was awarded the coveted Docg first among the Italian white wines

Production area: Vigna della Rocca, Petrignone Estate, Forlì

Appellation: Albana di Romagna D.O.C.G. Secco

Grape variety: 100% Albana di Romagna

Altitude: 150 above sea level

Soil profile: Calcareous clay

Traning system: Capovolto (single-arched cane)

Vineyard density: 3500 vines / hectare

Vineyard age: 1968 and 1980

Yield per vine: 1,5 kg/vine with cluster thinning

Harvest period: Around September 20, manual picking

Vinification: 100% in stainless steel

Fermentation temperature: 17°-19° C.

Average annual production: 30,000 bottles

Appearance: Lively golden yellow

Bouquet:Elegant fragrances of melon and apricot, of honey and wildflowers

Palate: Mouthfilling, conveing ripe peach and plum; pleasant bitter almond on the finish

Organoleptic features and characteristics

This typical Romagna wine it come from the hill over Imola.

Albana di Romagna Vigna della Rocca shows an intense golden yellow color and nuances of golden yellow, very transparent.

The nose denotes intense aromas, clean, pleasing and refined that open with notes of apple, plum and almond followed by aromas of pineapple, pear, hawthorn and citrus fruits. In the mouth has good correspondence to the nose, a crisp attack and however balanced by alcohol, good body, intense flavors.

The finish is persistent with memories of apple, plum and almond. Albana di Romagna Vigna della Rocca ages in steel tanks.


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