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Best little hand mini mixer blender for homemade latte

Updated on April 14, 2014

Norpro Cordless Mini Mixer is my favorite kitchen tool

I love my Norpro Cordless Mini Mixer and use it every morning when I make my homemade morning lattes. It's easy, simple, and fast. No fuss. No muss.

The best bonus about this little hand mixer is that it is so inexpensive -- way under ten dollars. In fact, it's the least expensive hand mixer around, and I've tried several. I originally went for one that was more than twice the cost of this little gem only to find it conking out on me after a short time. The Norpro Cordless Mini Mixer is sturdy, does a great job, and lasts. Not only that, it comes with attachments.

What to do with the Norpro Mini Hand Mixer?

There are plenty of small jobs that pop up where this little cordless mini mixer becomes a handy tool to have around. With four attachments, the mixer is perfect to beat, whip, stir, blend, and, of course, froth. That means that making meringue or blending dressing is a snap. How many times would this small tool come in handy when it comes to preparing eggs for a favorite recipe?

While I wouldn't recommend putting the mini mixer in the dishwasher, you can certainly put the attachments in there for a good washing. The mini mixer is also battery-operated (the 2AA batteries are not included).

Mini Mixer is perfect to make homemade lattes

I'm a latte fiend. I confess. Every morning the first thing I do is heat up the water for the French Press and then let the dogs out. By the time I return to the kitchen it's time to pour the hot water into the French Press and waiting coffee grounds. While I let the coffee brew, it's time to pour a little cold milk into my coffee mug and pop it into the microwave. Once the milk is heated, I use the Norpro Cordless Mini Mixer to whip the milk into a standing froth. By then it's time to pour the freshly brewed coffee into the mug and enjoy my homemade latte.

Latte coffee recipes

A latte is a simple drink made by combining steamed milk and espresso. Today there are many variations. You'll find the recipe for my homemade latte as well as a video on how to make a machine-less macchiato below.

Additional items to make the perfect homemade latte

Ready to order the Norpro Cordless Mini Mixer but you also want to make yourself a homemade latte like I described above? You don't need much., Coffee, milk, a French Press, and a mini mixer should do the trick.

Bodum Chambord Coffee Press
Bodum Chambord Coffee Press

As a veteran coffee drinker, this is obviously my favorite size to start off the mornings with my homemade lattes.

Bodum Spare Glass Carafe for French Press Coffee Maker, 8-Cup, 1.0-Liter, 34-Ounce
Bodum Spare Glass Carafe for French Press Coffee Maker, 8-Cup, 1.0-Liter, 34-Ounce

It's rare but sometimes you need to replace a glass carafe. If you do, it's good to know they are available.



Nothing super special about this recipe other than it's extremely simple and easy to do. The Novpro mini hand mixer is the best tool to whip the milk to a standing froth. I absolutely love it,

With it being so small, the mini mixer is perfect to leave out on the counter for daily use.

I use a French Press because I'm a latte sipper. I drink my first latte and pour through my emails and social media posts. Using the French Press provides coffee in its fresh form so that the oils don't turn the taste and you don't get any burned coffee.

Every once in a while, for fun, I add a big dollop of whipped cream to crown my first morning latte like the one shown.

Prep time: 1 min
Cook time: 6 min
Ready in: 7 min
Yields: 4 - 8 cups


  • 3 - 4 tablespoons ground coffee
  • 4 cups water
  • 1/4 cup cold milk


  1. Put 3 tablespoons of ground coffee into bottom of French Press.
  2. Heat water in pan to point before boiling.
  3. Microwave cold milk in mug for one minute.
  4. Whip heated milk for one minute.
  5. Pour water into French Press with ground coffee.
  6. Allow coffee to brew for 5 minutes.
  7. Press coffee grounds to bottom of French Press.
  8. Pour coffee into mug filled with whipped milk.

How to make Latte Macchiato without a Machine


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