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Big Mouth Toys Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

Updated on September 16, 2014

It's a fact that a glass of wine a day can be beneficial to your health...they weren't specific on what Size glass though. So live it up & get the glass that finally suits your needs! It's fabulous & makes for a hilarious gift or even as part of the table setting at your next get together. What guest wouldn't love to sit down to this in front of them. no more judgment or criticism when you limit yourself to just one glass.

This remarkable wine glass holds a staggering (Because you Will be staggering) 750ml of your favorite wine. It looks like a standards wine bottle with a glass built into the top. This epic design has planned for nights when your eyes are bigger than your tolerance you can add a standard cork or stopper & save your "glass" for another day. It stands 11.5 inches tall & features a scrolled writing that says Finally! a glass of wine that fits my needs! As you can guess this bad boy can hold a full bottle of wine so your sure to impress you friends & family with this one!

Stuck on a hostess gift that will make anyone smile? This should do it, just don't forget the actual wine & this is the perfect gift for any party or get together. Just think of how much fun your great aunt Betty will be during the holidays after just one glass! Personally I can think of at east a dozen people that would not only laugh at this gift but use it.

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    • Alyssa DeBoer profile image

      Alyssa DeBoer 4 years ago

      Haha this is hilarious. I want it!