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blair's 16 million reserve

Updated on April 5, 2009

Blair's 16 Million Reserve

Blair's hot sauce is known as the king of hot sauce, but none hotter than Blair's 16 million reserve, which is actually not even a hot sauce. Featured in the The 2007 Guinness book of world records the reserve collectors bottle is filled with a 1 ml pharmaceutical grade vial filled with pure capsaicin crystal. In the beginning only 999 bottles of Blair's 16 million reserve have been produced and for the most part the product is sold out, unless he makes another batch due to overwhelming popularity. The bottles are all numbered and hand signed, Some of these products have sold for over $12,500 per bottle.

Blair's 16 million reserve
Blair's 16 million reserve

 Blair's 16 million reserve is so potent it is available only for display purposes or experimental purposes. The worlds hottest hot sauce comes in the traditional Blair's reserve collector bottle with the top hand sealed in a gold wax. Inside the Blair's 16 million reserve bottle is a little pharmaceutical grade vial, and inside that vial is the fire, but not in a sauce, more like a a tiny crystal. Capsaicin is the hottest chili powder known to man. The name Blair's 16 million reserve came from the 16 million scoville units of pure capsaicin per bottle.

Blair's 16 million reserve, Whats in this Hot Sauce

Blair's 16 million reserve is Capsaicin (pronounced kaep'se I SIN) is the active component of chili peppers which are plants belonging to the genus Capsicum. It is known to be an irritant to mammals including humans and produces a burning sensation to any tissue in which it comes in contact with, according to wikipedia. Blair Lazar is responsible for this toasty hot creation.

Ohh Thats Hot!

Hot Sauce

Well if your in the market for a hot sauce and Blair's 16 million reserve is a little to steep for you or maybe your not ready to tackle the worlds hottest hot sauce or maybe you would like to add some to a wing sauce recipe Blair's hot sauce has a large selection of award winning hot sauces.

Blair's ultra death hot sauce, Blair's holiday reserve, Blair's Halloween reserve or for about $2200 you can buy a gift set of Blair's 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am, and Blair's 16 million reserve, Not a bad price for all those hot goodies. If that's not your cup of tea, Blair's also has kettle cooked chips, seasonings and even a queso dip more around your price range from $1.59 to thousands something for every one, But their are to many to list you will just have to check them out for your self, pages and pages of Blair's hot sauce items.

Buy Blair's hot sauce here

Barack Obama Hot sauce

Well if you decide to go with the Blair's 16 million reserve I don't have any recipes for you but from what I understand you can add a crystal to tomato soup or chili, Just be careful, your on your own.


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