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6 Different Ways to Open a Beer Bottle

Updated on June 8, 2013

Use a Second Bottle

Yes! In this case, the answer is more beer!

  • Hold the bottle you wish to open in your non-dominate hand.
  • Grab the neck of this bottle and put your index fingers over the back edge of the cap.
  • Hold the 2nd bottle horizontally by the label.
  • Fit the shallow ridge found at the top of the cap under the cap on the bottle you wish to open. Make sure you are not using the underside of the cap on the "opener" bottle, or you could accidentally open that one instead.
  • Use the opener bottle a lever. Push down and against the bottle you wish to open to pry its cap off.

Obviously... some practice may be necessary.


Anyone who smokes probably already knows this trick. To save time, you can just hand the bottle to a smoker and they pop the cap off in a second. If no smokers are around:

  • Grip the bottle in your non-dominate hand. Hold it around the neck, making a fist right up close to the cap.
  • Wedge the bottom of the lighter under the teeth of the cap.
  • Use the your middle knuckle on your index finger as a fulcrum, prying against it and the cap. Some people prefer to use their thumb.
  • Press the top of the lighter down, forcing the bottum up under the ridges of the cap.
  • Use this motion to pry off the cap.

Edge of a Table

This one is generally a bad idea. Don't do this one at somebody else's house if you ever want to be invited back. There is a good chance that you will damage the counter, or that you'll smash the bottle.... but there is a slim chance that you'll do it correctly and wind up looking like a total badass. Should you find yourself willing to take that risk, follow these steps:

  • Place the toothed edge of the cap on the edge of the table. DO NOT DO THIS ON ANYTHING SOFT OR NOT STURDY.
  • Swing your fist, or palm of your hand, directly down on to the bottle cap. Your hand supplies the force, and the table provides the leverage to pop the cap off.
  • Make sure you are applying the force to the cap at the exact angle of the bottle. Do not press in towards the table or you will smash the bottle... I have done this before. It is embarrassing.

Just watch out for those Bluth-made counters...
Just watch out for those Bluth-made counters...


So a bottle opener may not always be available, but a spoon is much more readily available. Use a metal spoon and don't let anyone see how hard up you are to get this bottle open.

  • Jam the business end of the spoon up under that cap, in between the metal cap and the glass bottle. Use it wit the concave side facing outwards.
  • Use the curvature of the spoon and a lever to pry up on the cap.
  • Repeat this motion, moving around the cap, loosening it all around.
  • As the cap loosens wedge the spoon higher as you circle the bottle.
  • Eventually, you will pry it off and celebrate. Hooray.

Deadbolt Lock

I mean C'mon, just look at it! It looks just like any regular bottle opener. Use it just like you would guess. Obviously not all door locks will work but its's worth a shot - some will. Just be careful not to spill beer down the side of a door frame.

  • Place the cap of the bottle on the inside of the door lock.
  • Make sure that the tab on the inside of the lock is wedged under the cap, between it and the bottle.
  • Pull against the door frame slowly, but make sure to tip it upright as soon as you can. It is not wise to keep a full beer sideways for very long!

In-Line Skate

I guess what I mean by this is all you really need is something to wedge under the cap of the bottle, and som leverage to pry it off. Look around your house.

Have a contest : See who can open more bottles using as many different objects as possible. You want more points? Gotta open more beers. Obviously whatever gets opened must be drank... we wouldn't want to be wasteful, now would be?

Save yourself the trouble and get a bottle opener.


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    • My Cook Book profile image

      Dil Vil 

      5 years ago from India

      Interesting article, and i like the methods of opening... REALLY! :D :D well written as well. Good work!


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