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Burgers - Mahi Mahi

Updated on February 9, 2016

Sea to grill to stomach

Just as good as a beef burger, and even easier (a little) to make. Really, this Mahi Mahi burger, when grilled, tastes just as good as a beef burger when grilled.

Regardless of what is between the bread halves, it must be admitted that there's something satisfying about the burger format, particularly when the burger we have created is a substantial one. We get to hold something of weight in our hands, chomp into it, and get a great mix of flavors.

This applies just as well to these Mahi Mahi burgers as it does to beef burgers, and there are new opportunities for creating tastefulness here in this -- relatively -- unknown territory. Plus, it couldn't be easier.

Burgers - Mahi Mahi: We think this looks delicious!

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Premade, even

As we know, Mahi Mahi is dolphin.

No, not that dolphin, rather a fish that because its shape resembles the mammal, fishermen naturally called Dolphin. Bad move, fishermen.

If you want to sell dolphin fish you've caught, it is a good idea not to confuse buyers -- let alone unnecessarily ruffling the feathers of animal protectionists, all of whom have a special place in their heart for dolphins. Of course, in defense of fisherman, they tended to think that people knew more about sea creatures than people actually know. Any old fisherman knows the difference between dolphin (fish) and dolphin (mammal); why doesn't everyone else?

Now enters the new name "Mahi Mahi." That's the name native Hawaiians used, meaning "very strong," no doubt because the fish was not easy to pull on board out there in the middle of Pacific. It is easier to sell Mahi Mahi than dolphin, and the new name has a certain zip to it as well..

Whatever the name, this fish is delicious. So delicious that enterprising entrepreneurs have preformed the fish's flesh into burgers for us. These always come frozen, but another virtue of Mahi Mahi is that it freezes exceptionally well. All we have to do is treat these round disks well and we will be able to produce something really mouthwatering.

We like these so much, in fact, that we are going to have a burger of two burgers (patties).

On the grill

Instead of a traditional bun, here we are going to use grilled sourdough bread. Look how great that looks, and we are only just getting started. We don't want to leave the bread on the grill very long, as it takes on a nice color very quickly.

Some grilled tomato, too. Be sure and add that in the final composition of the burger. A couple of slices. They grill quickly also, though not as quickly as the sourdough. Don't let the tomatoes grill for too long, or they will become mushy -- not a disaster, by any means, but it's better if we can preserve some of the original texture of the tomato.

Remove the bread from the grill. The burgers and the tomatoes take about three minutes on each side. The burgers are frozen -- they go right from the freezer to the grill. Certainly makes it easy to come up with a delicious meal fast. The tomatoes might take a little less than three per side. Some EVOO on the tomatoes is also a good idea. (For EVOO, click here).


This is right after flipping the burgers.

Don't they look great? The grill marks heighten our expectations. We know we are going to get something delicious when we see marks like the ones we see here.

We will pull the tomatoes off a minute or so before the burgers. The burgers are not only thoroughly defrosted as this point -- remember we took them right from the freezer and put them on a preheated grill -- but heating in a way that takes on the wonderful flavors of the grill. You did preheat your grill, did you not? (Bravo to you.)

Inner coatings of outer layer

When we take the tomatoes off the grill we put them with the already grilled sourdough bread. The slice of bread we started with is a large one, so instead of using two such slices, it is best to cut the one we have grilled in half. The bread is important in this burger, but it is the Mahi Mahi which is the star of the show, so cutting our slice in half helps preserve an ideal bread-to-meat ration.

One side of the grilled bread is spread with coarse ground Dijon mustard, the other with mayo. The mustard-mayo combination is perfect for this burger. If this were a beef burger we would try something else, but for Mahi Mahi it is perfect.

Those grilled tomatoes take to the mustard-mayo combo as well.

We are about to add the burgers and envelope them.

Just before closing

Everything grilled and ready to go.

In maybe fifteen minutes, from start to finish!.

What could be simpler? And the taste leaves nothing to be desired, not a single thing. The Mahi Mahi meat is moist and luscious, perfectly enhanced by the grilling process. The tomatoes are superb. The grilled sourdough coated with the Dijon and the mayo is the wrapper this meal demands.

Dig in! Or, better: Bite into!


Parting facts

Just a little about the fish that makes all this possible. It is one of the most successful fish in the world. It is found in temperate waters, in subtropical waters, and in tropical waters -- all around the globe.

Part of a series

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Real Meal

Real Meal. Unlike fancy food mags, where images are hyped to perfection and food itself is secondary, all of the pictures shown here are from a real meal, prepared and eaten by me and my friends. No throwing anything away till perfection is achieved. This is the real deal:a Real meal.

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