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Buy a Potato Chipper for Homemade Fries

Updated on July 2, 2013

A Handy Utensil

Household Potato Chipper
Household Potato Chipper

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to make french fried potatoes right in the comfort of your own home?  I'm not talking about visiting your local supermarkt, purchasing some frozen Ore-Idas, or any other brand of frozen potato for that matter, throwing them in the oven for 20-30 minutes and dropping them on the kitchen table for an easy, hassle-free supper.

I'm talking about actually taking the time to make your french fries from scratch; Fresh potatoes, clean peanut oil for frying, a home deep fryer and fry basket, and the care and love necessary to put it all together for the best fried potatoes you'll ever taste. Let's talk about...

Potato chippers

French Fried Potatoes

so, I guess you may be wondering, "what the hell does this guy know about cooking french fries from scratch?" Well, I'll tell you. My expertise on the subject comes from many years I've spent in the food service industry, and most specifically the time I spent slaving away in the Five Guys Burgers and Fries restaurant chain.

Five Guys knows a thing or two about frying potatoes, and I have to say they still make the best french fry I've ever tasted. Now that Mark Mosely (of Washington Redskins fame) has helped take the Five Guys chain to the franchising success it now enjoys, the Five Guys fries are available nationwide, and even in some international markets.

French Fries

Who makes the best french fried potatoes you've ever tasted?

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How to make'em dem fries

The french fried potatoes I learned to make at Five Guys were made 100% from scratch every single day. The longest they were allowed to store fresh cut potatoes was overnight, but only if they were fried up the next morning at the beginning of the shift. No potatoes ever eclipsed the 24-hour mark.

The potatoes are stored in water until they are ready to be fried, helping to rinse away the excess starch that is inherently part of the Russet potato's DNA. Once they have been rinsed and soaked thoroughly, the potatoes are deep fried in 100% peanut oil. They are not fried to a golden brown during the initial fry. Instead, the potatoes are fried until they just begin to turn a light brown on the outside, or just past translucent. Then, the fries are set aside for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours.

When the fries have rested for a bit, they are then ready for the final fry. Again, the fries are dropped into a bubbling bath of 100% peanut oil, and allowed to fry until they are firm on the outside. These fries are not described as 'crispy.' Instead, they can best be described as having a firm texture on the outside, with a baked potato-like consistency on the inside. The peanut oil lends a Boardwalk'y beach flavor to these particular fries. Try to get these bad-boys at a McDonald's, I dare ya!

How to make these fries at home

This is such a simple recipe for french fries, I'm surprised more people don't actually make their own fries at home. The first thing you'll need is what they call a potato chipper. You can find plenty of links on this page that'll help you discover the wonderful world of potato chippers. And, they are so reasonably priced, there really is no excuse for not owning one, especially if kitchen gadgets are your bread & butter, no pun intended, I swear.

The only other moving parts of this equation would be the Russet potatoes, also known throughout the USA as Idaho potatoes, peanut oil for frying, and a deep fryer to help do the dirty work. Shallow frying wouldn't necessarily be a viable option in this case, because the potatoes will need to be fried twice, in two very separate stages.

Just invest in a reasonably priced deep fryer. Once again, I've gone the extra mile, and included links to various fryers. Have a gander...

A homemade fries recipe can be a highly personal experience, but with a little tweaking here and there, it can be one of the best recipes in your arsenal. Perfectly prepared homemade french fries will be the toast of your next, barbecue, outdoor party or dinner gathering.

Make 'em from scratch

Once you've made your own fries using this tried and tested recipe, you'll never settle for second-tier fries ever again. You'll know 'em when you taste 'em, and you'll swear aloud that you could and have done better. You could even whip up some sweet potato fries using the same recipe. Mmmm!

So give these fries a try and see what all the hoopla is about. It all starts with a handy little kitchen utensil known as the potato chipper. A good fry chipper is worth its weight in... you name it!


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