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The Captain’s Fish Delight

Updated on April 30, 2018

Red Snappers

Atlantic Blue Runners and Bonitos

Captain’s favorite Fried Bonito/Runner

1. Scale, gut, clean fish by soaking in water adding lime, lemon, vinegar and salt.

2. Season Fish whole or slices. Coated seasoning all over and inside fish.

3. Prepare your dipping ingredients such as flour and eggs.

4. Fry fish in a full pan of oil covering the fish almost over the top, at pilot highest.

5. Turn over fish once the down side in oil is golden brown. Once the fish is flipped over, make sure fish on the other side fried golden brown.

6. Once the side are golden, take out fish from oil let it dry oil on a cool dry pan or plate.

7. Serve with your favorite style potato wedges.

Slice and season Bonito/Runner

Dip Bonito/Runner in battered eggs

Cover Bonito/Runner in flour

Fry Bonito/Runner in Oil

Fry the Bonito/Runner till they are golden brown

Serve the Captain's fish fry and potato wedges

Facts: Atlantic Bonitos

Bonitos are known as Sarda family. They are three species of the Bonita’s.

The Chilensis Bonita are found in the Pacific Ocean. Orientalist Bonita are found in the Indo Pacific also known as the leaping Bonitas (Cybiosarada Elegans). Sarda Bonita are found in the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans.

These fishes have stripped backs and silver bellies. Length of about 30 inches with narrow fork tails, small finlets behind the dorsal and back near the anal. They are known as streamlined fishes.

Facts: Atlantic Blue Runners

Atlantic Blue Runners are known as Bluestripe Jacks. They are the most captivated fish in the important fisheries.

These fishes swims throughout the tropical and temperate oceans of the atlantic seas, Western Africa and the European coastlines.

Schools of runners are theor way of packing together and feeding on scrapes such as lobster, crabds, jellyfish and shrimps. They roam around mangrove, coral reefs and seagrass to mate or lay their eggs.

The largest of this species is about 70 centermeters of the Atlantic Blue Runners, their are about 150 species of the Blue Runners Known as Jacks. They have smooth silvery small scales with forked tail. Some species such as Amber Jacks can get about 6 feet.

Facts: Red Snapper Fish

Red Snappers are Ponatomus Saltatrix family also known as Bluefish and Tailors. They are marine fishes that swims together in packs(schools of fishes).

These fishes feeds on smaller fishes with strong sharp pointed teeth’s. The larges snappers are about 4 feet length and weigh about 25 pounds.

Snappers is known for three colors. Blue known as the bluefish Snappers, greenish known as the Tailors Snappers and the red known as the Red Snappers, but they all are known as the family Snappers.

In the Atlantic side of the ocean waters has more red Snappers than any other place. The Virgin Islands regions of fishing has seen the red snappers, other Snappers are on the Pacific and Mediterranean seas.

Steamed Red Snappers Recipe

First prepare fresh Snapper for cooking

You must scale, gut and clean fish. Then soak fish in vinegar, lemon, lime, orange or salt for 45 minutes.

Second Marinate Snapper

Season your fish with your best favorite seasonings and keep it over night in the fridge covered to marinate flavors for the next day cooking.

Third cut banana leaf

Cut a large banana leaf and warm in oven for 5 minutes on medium high, until the banana leaf releases it’s flavors. You can simply look at the leaf and see it turns a darker green color. Be careful don’t burn the leaf. Adding the banana leaf is a flavored secret to a delicious steamed fish recipe.

Fourth steam Snapper in banana leaf

Now add the fish on top of the banana leaf and wrap fish in the leaf and secure the closing with foil. Then place in oven for 40 minutes @ 360 degrees.

Fifth prepare broth

Prepare your broth with organic pumpkins cut in small bite size and great northern breans. Add your favorite herbs, spice and seasoning for flavors. Let it cook for 30 minutes at medium heat.

Sixth add dumplings

Prepare your dumpling at bite size.

Easy to do steps: 15 min serving 6

- 4 cups of flour

- 1 cup of water

- mix till dough set

- roll small bite size dough

- boil water with salt and 2 table spoon oil.

- add dough one at a time in water. Stir.

- cook till the dough is floating up at water level.

- drain water and add butter for flavors.

Seventh Enjoy

Now enjoy combined ingredients. Unwrap fish, add broth and dumplings. Caribbean steam fish at its finest cuisines.



Ahoy fellow ladies and gentlemen welcome to an enchanted folktale of a Captain’s plot.

Once upon a time long time ago, far out in the deep blue sea lived a sea monster, who captivated the fishes for its own hunger and left no fish for a man to fish. The people of the island plates lay empty. So one day the fishermen gather their gears to destroy the sea monster. They sail at sunrise where the monster will feed at early rise.

The fishermen gather their nets, waiting to see when to capture the monster. Raaaaar the monster came up from the bottom seas and find its self trap in its net. Struggling to get out but no escape. Long sharp jagged teeth, long tentacles, large green structure of about 500 pounds and about 100 foot long, appears to be a monstrous octopus.

“Oh what a mighty monster, so big it can take us all in, but instead it’s trapped! As the fishermen approach the monster to destroy it. One of the tentacles got out lashing two of the fishermen off the ship. Ahoy captain stir the ship pulling away, circling around the monster, then captain surrounds the monster with a anchor chain pulling the net. The monster is stuck now!

As the captain latches the monster in a net bundle, pulling the monster to shore, out of the water hang to dry. The monster no longer can eat all the fish. So now the fishermen men freely got on their gears, went diving, fishing and caught snapper fish for the Captain and the fishermen Market is once again open for fishing.

Moral of the story: It takes a captain and real fishermen to get the fish even when the monster is trying to take it all. Bravery stands for all seamen.


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