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Ceres: All Natural Fruit Juice

Updated on October 14, 2014

When we lived in South Africa we drank Ceres fruit juice all the time. It was found in abundance in every supermarket. And it was very affordable.

We didn't realize how fortunate we were to have such easy access to 100% pure fruit juice in great flavors until we came to America and found that most of the fruit juice has added sugar - or even worse - high fructose corn syrup. For a while our local Food City stocked a few of the flavors, but now the no longer do.

Fortunately, I found it on Amazon. The cheapest way to buy it is in packs of 12. That way each 1 liter carton costs just over $3.

Ceres comes in a variety of yummy flavors - litchi and mango are the ones our family likes best, but you can also get guava, apricot, passion fruit and papaya, All of the juices are blends ie some other juices are mixed in with them - but nothing else is. So you are always drinking pure fruit juice.

Last year I needed an extra birthday gift to ship my son who is in college. I am not sure what made me buy him a 12 pack of Ceres Litchi juice - and I was a bit concerned he would think it a very odd gift - but he LOVED it. And was very impressed with me for coming up with the idea.

Ceres Valley, South Africa

Danie van der Merwe from Cape Town, South Africa  , CC by 2.0
Danie van der Merwe from Cape Town, South Africa , CC by 2.0 | Source

The taste test!

If you like "real" food and haven't yet tried Ceres fruit juices, give them a try. If I haven't convinced you how good they are you can look at the reviews on Amazon.

Which juice would you like to try?

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Ever tried Ceres fruit juice before? If you have, what did you think about it?

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    • MerylV profile image

      Meryl van der Merwe 3 years ago from USA

      You can sometimes find it in local supermarkets but it is hit and miss - and it is more expensive than Amazon. In South Africa it is the standard fruit juice that everyone has in their homes.

    • creativelycc profile image

      Carrie L. Cronkite 3 years ago from Maine

      Hi MerylIV,

      I never heard of this juice! Sounds wonderful, I will definitely order some on Amazon. I'm always looking for a good natural fruit juice!