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Tasty and Easy Cheesy Bread Recipes

Updated on October 21, 2015
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Gordon loves cooking and experimenting with food. He loves making new dishes, particularly with unusual or underused ingredients.

Bread and Cheese is an Ancient and Classic Combination

Bread and cheese are foodstuffs which have been eaten in conjunction since before cooking records began. All over the world, bread and cheese have been made for millenia and combined in an infinite number of different ways. The beauty of bread and cheese is that because there are so many different types of each, the combination should never become boring, nor should fresh ideas be exhausted. On this page, I intend to prepare and share - over a period of time - a wide variety of tasty cheesy bread recipes, hopefully hitting on something which will appeal to the palate of anyone who likes bread and cheese combined in any way.

Petit Parisienne
Petit Parisienne

Cheesy French Style Bread Recipes

There are of course a great many French styles of bread but in this section I am going to look at recipes relating to the popular French sticks of bread, such as a Petit Parisienne (pictured). The most important point I wanted to illustrate before I share the first recipe is the way in which I have sliced the bread. I have sliced it at an angle of almost forty-five degrees, to provide bigger, oval shaped slices. This is of course optional but it not only makes for better presentation, it allows more room to work with when putting the toppings on the bread.

Mozzarella Ball
Mozzarella Ball
Garlic Toast
Garlic Toast

Ham and Mozzarella Cheese on Garlic Toast

This recipe involves cooking only the bread in order to toast it, under an overhead grill. While the bread is toasting on both sides to a beautiful golden colour, a garlic clove should be peeled and lightly crushed, just enough so as to release its delicious, pungent juices. As soon as the toast is ready and while it remains very hot, the garlic clove should be rubbed lightly over the top of each slice. The heat will help the delicious juices and flavours quickly permeate the toast.

The mozzarella cheese used in this instance is the soft ball of mozzarella which comes in water or brine. Three thin slices should be taken from the ball. A thin slice of ham should be laid on each slice of garlic toast and a mozzarella slice on top. Some finely chopped coriander/cilantro is then scattered on the top.

Grated cheddar cheese with sage and black pepper
Grated cheddar cheese with sage and black pepper
Cheddar cheese mix is spread over French bread slices
Cheddar cheese mix is spread over French bread slices

Cheddar Cheese and Sage French Bread Slices

This particular combination makes an excellent accompaniment to many soups. Instead of serving simply dry bread to your family or guests to enjoy with their soup, try putting this delicious but quickly prepared bread and cheese option on the table.

For the three slices of bread pictured, you will need about two ounces of cheddar cheese. This should be grated/shredded and mixed in a bowl with half a teaspoon of dried sage and some freshly ground black pepper.

Toast the French bread slices under a hot grill on one side only. Remove them to a plate and scatter the cheese mixture over the untoasted side. Place back under the grill until the cheese melts and begins to bubble and brown.

Delicious on their own or, as previously mentioned, with a soup such as vegetable broth.

Slicing the Mozzarella Cheese
Slicing the Mozzarella Cheese

French Bread Mozzarella Cheese Melts

The mozzarella cheese used in this instance is the type most often used when making pizzas. The French bread slices are again toasted on one side only before a couple of thin slices are placed on each untoasted side. The slices are placed back under the grill for the cheese to melt and are served scattered with the freshly chopped herb of choice.

Cheesy Sliced Bread Recipes

Cheese is a very popular ingredient in basic sandwiches. Cheese and pickle, cheese and ham or cheese and tomato sandwiches are unquestionably very enjoyable but there are many other ways in which cheese and sliced bread can be combined in a tasty and simple fashion. This section of the page provides a few ideas in this respect to stimulate the thought processes.

Tomato and onion slices are placed on the bread
Tomato and onion slices are placed on the bread
Sliced cheddar cheese is placed on top of the tomato and onion
Sliced cheddar cheese is placed on top of the tomato and onion

Toasted Cheddar Cheese with Tomato and Onion (Tomato Ketchup Optional)

This recipe requires one small tomato, one slice of a large onion and four thin slices of cheddar cheese per slice of bread.

Toast the bread on one side only. Lay it on a plate, untoasted side uppermost and add the slices of tomato and separated rings of onion. Lay the cheese slices on top. Carefully transfer back to the grill pan and put back under the overhead grill. When the cheese has just begun to melt, remove it from under the grill just long enough to scatter white pepper over the top. Return to the heat until cheese begins to bubble.

Serve immediately with optional tomato ketchup as a delicious lunch or simply as a snack.

Egg is carefully poured on top of bread to ensure yolk slips in to the hole
Egg is carefully poured on top of bread to ensure yolk slips in to the hole
Eggy bread turned over in frying pan
Eggy bread turned over in frying pan

Cheesy Eggy Bread as Part of a Full English Breakfast

Fried bread and a fried egg will most often be served as separate component parts of a full English breakfast. One delicious way of combining the two is to fry the egg in the bread. This is done by using an egg cup to cut a hole in the centre of the bread. The small disc of bread is discarded. Enough sunflower oil is added to a small non-stick frying pan to cover the base and brought up to a medium heat.

The bread is added to the pan and the egg is firstly broken in to a small bowl or cup before carefully being poured on to the bread in a way that the yolk slips in to the hole. The bread should be fried on a medium heat for three to four minutes, before very carefully being turned over to fry for a similar period of time on the other side.

Purely for the purposes of incorporating it on this site, this recipe has now been taken a step further. A little cheddar cheese is grated and scattered over the eggy bread when it is cooked. Black pepper is added to taste. The frying pan is then placed under a hot overhead grill to melt the cheese. The creation is then served as a very unusual component of the full breakfast.

Scottish Morning Bread Rolls
Scottish Morning Bread Rolls

Cheesy Bread Roll Recipes

Cheesy bread roll recipes for a great many people will immediately conjure up images of fast food cheeseburgers. Burger buns are not bread rolls, even though they may loosely resemble them, and will not be featuring on this page. The bread rolls featured here will be such as the Scottish morning rolls pictured right, though most of us have access in modern times to a wide variety of bread rolls and this section of the page will in time reflect this fact.

The Lorne sausage is added to the bottom of the halved bread roll
The Lorne sausage is added to the bottom of the halved bread roll
Slices of cheddar cheese are laid atop the Lorne sausage
Slices of cheddar cheese are laid atop the Lorne sausage

Cheesy Lorne Sausage Bread Roll

This recipe is as close as this page will come to cheeseburgers. Lorne sausages are a type of Scottish sausage where the meat is compressed in to a block and subsequently sliced. They are then shallow fried or grilled.

The first step is to cook the Lorne sausage. The bread roll should then be halved horizontally and the Lorne sausage laid on the bottom half. Three thin slices of cheddar cheese should be laid on top of the sausage and the bottom half of the roll placed under the overhead grill until the cheese melts and begins to bubble.

Black pepper should be ground over the cheese and perhaps tomato ketchup or HP Sauce added before the top is placed on the roll for service and consumption.


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