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Colorful Kitchenaid Mixing Bowls

Updated on April 4, 2013

KitchenAid Colorful Mixing Bowls: Review and Recommendation

I've battled with mixing bowls for a few years. I have some big bowls that are multi-purpose but shabby. The cheap plastic sets were purchased at a popular discount superstore, and while they meet my basic needs for mixing, they aren't my faves. I have pieces of an old metal set, but a couple are dented and they don't work well with beaters. Since I have to be able to make my royal icing for my annual gingerbread house project, I need a good set of mixing bowls. Last Christmas, the kids picked out the beautiful set of colorful KitchenAid Mixing Containers for me, and they are great!

You can get very creative with this set for gifting purposes. You can create a basket of nested products to coordinate with these nested containers. You can also include these in an oversized basket to create a large food prep assortment for someone special. These are great for that college student moving into a first apartment. They are perfect for replacing older kitchen components. Use them to bring a splash of color and excitement into someone else's life, or use them to add just a bit of Pizzazz to your own home!

3-Piece Set

Do you need a great idea for a simple gift? Maybe you are headed to a bridal shower or birthday party. Maybe you don't know your recipient well. Maybe you just want something pretty and fun. These are really nice because of great quality and beautiful hues. I much prefer these to the thin walled bowls that have cracked and worn quickly. The investment in a nice set for your own kitchen is worthwhile as well. You don't have to wait for them to be given to you to enjoy such a nice, sturdy set!

KitchenAid Classic Mixing Bowls, Assorted Colors, Set of 3
KitchenAid Classic Mixing Bowls, Assorted Colors, Set of 3

Classic bowls in sturdy plastic

Multiple bright kitchen colors include teal, orange and yellow

Sizes include 2.5 quart, 3.5 quart and 4.5 quart sizes

Rubber grip base eliminates slipping when mixing

Similar sets available in various colors

As my daughter, the giver of this great gift, pulled these bowls from the cupboard this weekend, she commented on the quality and how much she preferred these to our other bowls. I concur completely!


Are These Compatible with the Brand's Stand Mixers?

The short answer is no, your plastic bowls from KitchenAid have wider bases than the bowls for a Stand Mixer. You might get away with using the stand mixer as you hold your plastic bowls in place, but the plastic set won't fit into the base of the stand.

More Choices

This palette of bright colors is definitely fun. If you are looking for Bowls in Pink, Chocolate, Blue or Red, you will have some luck. The options aren't as extensive as with the Artisan stand mixers, but there are additional choices. These can change from time to time, but some of the current plastic bowls from KitchenAid are found here.

Colorful accents can add depth to your cooking and dining space. I grew up in a home with an orange kitchen sink and an orange fridge. My dad is an architect, and he definitely knew where to find those items that fit his tastes. The contrast for the burnt orange accents was a deep brown in cabinetry and Mexican tile for the floor. Add a tiled counter top in shades of cream and brown, and it was one-of-a-kind. While I might not be able to track down an affordable sink in my favorite colors, I can definitely experience some of the fun I remember in having bright hues in may food prep area! This is just one way.

Find Unique Brand Name Options

Auction sites are great for tracking down unique products that may no longer be manufactured. You'll also find additional great ideas to go with your current kitchen theme. Check out some current Kitchenaid Mixing Bowls and Prep Bowls at eBay.

Alternative Brands: Are there other quality options?

My bowls are from Kitchenaid, and I love them because of the sturdy bottom grips and the smooth texture. My old cheap discount store sets are cracked and thin. They need to go, and I'll probably incorporate some more colorful replacements over time. There are other brands to explore!

Looking for Specific Mixing Set Colors?

If you are trying to create a unique palette for your kitchen, then there are several additional manufacturers with plastic mixing and prep bowls in contemporary hues. I've featured a few here, and as you explore any of these, you'll find additional compatible options provided.

OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set, Blue/Green/Yellow
OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set, Blue/Green/Yellow

Love the rubber grip! Slipper bowls can lead to lots of trouble, but this design helps you keep a handle on things.

Farberware Classic Plastic Mixing Bowls, Assorted, Set of 3
Farberware Classic Plastic Mixing Bowls, Assorted, Set of 3

These colors are refreshing and fun, perfect for a Mexican theme or just to brighten up your kitchen.

Trudeau Set of 3 Mixing Bowls, 2-Tone Color
Trudeau Set of 3 Mixing Bowls, 2-Tone Color

I love this selection of cool colors! These are unique, perfect for busy kitches.


Do you have a favorite Kitchen brand?

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