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Cooking Steak - How To Cook a Perfect Steak Every Time!

Updated on May 1, 2011

The first thing to remember when cooking steak is that fresh meat triumphs over frozen, no matter how good you are. If you want to know how to cook a perfect steak every time, start with the best ingredients.

There is no point trying to cook a perfect, juicy rare steak, from a frozen piece of meat. Unless you're happy with mediocre.

If you're a fan of meat well done, then read no further, as a well done steak is never going to be a perfect steak!!

Once you've chosen your steak, whether fillet, T-bone, porterhouse or whatever your choice, there are several choices of how to cook it to perfection.

T-Bone Steak

Cooked to Perfection
Cooked to Perfection

How To Cook Perfect Steak Every Time?

The ideal way in my opinion, of cooking steak, is of course on the barbecue, or charcoal grill.

Lightly salt and pepper one side of the steak.

With the coals at their perfect, red hot point, introduce your steak, seasoned side down, and leave until it begins to sear on the bottom. Meanwhile, salt and pepper the other side, now topmost. Once the first side is seared (Crusty but juicy) turnover with tongs and sear The other side. This is important, to sear both sides quickly, to keep the juices inside. For the same reason, use tongs and not a fork. Pricking with a fork will allow juices to escape, causing the meat to dry.

Having seared both sides, this steak is now ready for my taste, but if you like your steak medium, leave a little longer on this second side, then turn once more. The less you manipulate or 'play' with the meat, the better result you will achieve.

If you're using Rump steak, Sirloin, Entrecote, etc or the steak appears a little sinewy, you may want to use a tenderiser. Cover the meat with plastic bag or film, and beat a few times with the tenderiser on each side, or introduce tenderising spice. Either way works, by breaking down the protein, thus making the meat more tender.

Anther way to cook steak if you don't have a barbecue or grill is in a frying pan or skillet; in which case you would let the pan get smoky hot, with a minimum of oil, and again season and sear each side quickly. Follow the same steps as on the grill.

Under the grill, or broiler, raise the steak quite closely to the flame, to achieve great heat as with the barbecue, but not too close so it will singe.

Steak can be cooked in the oven, but it will of course cook more slowly, and cook all the way through evenly. This is okay in the cases of prime rib, as long as you don't want it rare. If you have no choice but cooking steak in an oven, it's probably better in a sauce. Of course you can cook a whole fillet, or rump joint, and then cut into steaks, but you still won't get that ideal steak, with the seared outside, and juicy middle.

There are of course many other ways of cooking steak, including flambéd, another favourite. But until you get a little more practiced, it's usually better to cook the steak to your taste, and then add sauces which you've cooked separately, on the plate when serving.

How to cook a perfect steak every time?

You will find your own ways of cooking, to better suit your own taste, but the main thing to remember is to get good fresh steak, and sear it very quickly on each side first, to seal in juices.



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