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Delectable Godiva

Updated on April 20, 2015

Chocoholics annonymous

Oh That got your attention, did it?

February not only holds Valentine's Day but is the Celebration of Chocolate Month,

Fondue Month &

Snack Food month

We all have our favorite kinds of chocolate White, (which really isn't chocolate) Milk & dark.

Then you have Solid, Ganache, flavored with fruits, nuts and so on.

I used to munch on Hershey's but one I tasted Godiva that I knew was the real taste of chocolate. Hershey's taste of nothing but sugar, even if you try some Lindt you will taste the difference. So with this I thought I'd share my finding & opinion.

Also if you ever go to a Godiva choclatier.. you MUST try their homemade peanut Butter cups! They are simply To. Die. FOr!

Oh & keep in mind, the first one I tried I was walking through the mall having a chocogasm! doing nothing but mmmmm & Yummm and smacking my lips.

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February is Celebration of Choclate month

February not only holds Valentine's Day but is the

Celebration of Chocolate Month,

Fondue Month &

Snack Food month

The Story of Lady Godiva

Godgifu or Lady Godiva, a Countess & the wife of Leofric, the Earl of Mercia and mother to Aelfgar; was oft referred to as "God Gift" and was a noblewoman of the 11th century. The couple were church benefactors, most noteable the monastary in Coventry.

The legendary 13th century story of Lady Godiva is found in the Flores Historiarum by Roger of Wendover. Godiva who rode through the streets of Coventry naked, longed to free the town of the oppressively heavy tax toll by her husband on tenants. After Pleading to her husband on the matter, he bid her this answer:

"Mount your horse, and ride naked before all the people through the market of the town from one end to the other and on your return you shall have your request" to which Godiva replied but Will you give me permission, if I am willing to do it?' With his permission granted, the Countess loosed her hair and let down her tresses. Her silky mane covering covered the whole of her body like a veil and then mounted her hourse, attended by two knights waked through the market.

Her request was granted. Leofric pardoned the town of all taxes except those on horses.


Lady Godiva 2

Godiva Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Can, 14.5-Ounces, 2 pack
Godiva Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Can, 14.5-Ounces, 2 pack

Oh my Chocolate Gods! I LoVE Dark Chocolate as well as Hot cocoa. This will make your winter into a warm hug


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What type is your favorite?

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The great chocolate debate

Some like White chocolate (which to me really isn't chocolate, as its the absense of cocoa)

others prefer Milk chocolate and those like me go wild for Dark chocoalte (I also love bittersweet chocolate)

Dark chocolate also has health benefits as well like antioxidants for instance.

Chocolate bars

There's also Chocolate Pears that come in a tin In Milk Chocolate, Mint flavored, Orange, & Caramel Dark Chocolate as well, as far as I remember seeing so far.

There's also the Chocolate Gems that come in the bag and as far as I've seen can be found in stores Like CVS & Walgreens. THere's a variety including White Chocolate (which really isn't chocolate being there's no coco in it)

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