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Macaroni Pasta Salad Recipe

Updated on March 29, 2015

Macaroni, Pasta Salad

Macaroni/Pasta salad is good anytime. Not just for a Holiday.

But, not all Macaroni salads are good. Depending on the mayo/salad dressing and spices used.

The texture of the Mac Salad is also important. Not to dry, not to watery. Must be creamy. The pasta can't be over or under cooked.

Making a Mac Salad is a very touchy thing. Just because it doesn't work out the first time for you, try again.

Before you go any further Let's talk about Rinsing or not rinsing the pasta Noodles

After boiling and draining the water from the pasta

The choice is yours to Rinse or not Rinse. What is the difference?

1) Rinsing the pasta in cold water after boiling takes the starch off and makes the pasta more smooth.

Sauces tend to slide off the pasta more easily. Wet ingredient's don't soak up as much.

2) Not Rinsing after boiling the pasta, leaves the starch on the pasta which makes the mayonnaise , gravies and all other ingredients stick onto the pasta better. Higher measurement's of wet ingredients will need to be used because the starch soaks up all wet ingredients.

What you will need:

Here's what you will need:.

* 1 Pot to boil water in

* 4 Handful of dry macaroni pasta

* 1/2 onion- chopped finely ( your choice of red, green, sweet onion)

* small handful of pickles ( your choice of Zesty, sweet, spicy) chopped

* 1/2 medium size red tomato-chopped without the seeds

* 11/2 tsp. vinegar (your choice) no balsamic vinegar though

* 1-2 piece's from stalk celery sliced thick or thin (your choice)

* 2 hard boiled eggs chopped

* 1 handful mayonnaise ( just kidding)

* 1 cup or more as needed mayonnaise or miracle whip ( your choice)

* 2-3 tablespoon milk

* 11/2 tablespoon sour cream ( with or without chives, your choice)

* 2 pinches salt

* 1/4 tsp pepper

* 1 teaspoon garlic powder

* 1/2 handful shredded cheddar cheese

***note*** If salad is a little dry since pasta absorbs liquids fast just add a little more mayo and milk.


*Boil macaroni in one quart water till tender.

* Drain water from pasta ( rinse or don't. Your choice)

* Pour macaroni in favorite bowl, let cool a few minutes

* Mix all ingredients together and let chill or eat right away.


Macaroni Salad usually tastes better after 24 hours because the seasonings and mayonnaise soak up in the pasta and you will probably have to add more mayo and milk because of that.

© 2015 Ramona

Do you make Pasta Salad often?

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