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Dencios Restaurant | Best Filipino Restaurant

Updated on March 26, 2014

Dencios Restaurant

Dencios Restaurant is one of the best and most famous Filipino Restaurant in the Philippines. They have many branches especially in Metro Manila, Philippines. Dencios can also be found on tourist spot and beautiful places such as Baguio City and Tagaytay City in the Philippines. They serve different Filipino cuisine. The price are very competitive to other Filipino restaurant. A viand good for 2 to 3 person will only cost around $10.

Dencios is a Bar and Grill Restaurant for the whole family. At night, you will see many professional people eating and enjoying their grilled menu with beer and wine. During the day, you will see whole family eating Filipino cuisine.

If you want the taste of Filipino Food, and you think its good to try other Filipino food, Dencios is one of the best restaurants you should not miss. You will really enjoy your eating experience.

"Photo of Dencios menu and scenery was taken at Tagaytay City"

dencios tagaytay
dencios tagaytay

Why my father like dencios

It was his favorite restaurant

My father really like Dencios because the preparation of food are excellent. You will only have to wait for 15 minutes and your food are ready. The taste are very same when you cooked your food at home. The ingredients are complete and the taste was, oh so right!

My father and our family like the ambiance of Dencios Restaurant. When you eat at any Dencios Restaurant, you can expect for outdoor and relaxing view. While eating and enjoying your food, you can also enjoy the awesome view outside

There is also a group of people singing in Dencios restaurant. You can request for a particular song or if you want, they can go near your table to sing you a song. When my family go to Dencios restaurant, we ask them to sing Barney's "I love you", My baby and our whole family was really happy when they sing that song.

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If you are going to Philippines, don't miss the chance to visit Dencios Grill and Restaurant. I am sure you will really enjoy the food and location.

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