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Make a Ridiculously Easy, Tasty Salsa Dip in 4 Minutes Flat

Updated on March 22, 2013

Who is this for?

Got a last minute invite to a barbeque and you just know people are expecting you to bring something? Unexpected, hungry company at your casa? No culinary prince or princess, unable to pay for your dinner at a Mexican restaurant and forced into kitchen service preparing the salsa dips for the guests?

Even though it takes some sneaky shortcuts to cut down on preparations, the recipe you'll find below will still give you a mighty tasty salsa dip with minimal effort on your part!

Grocery list salsa dip (serves 4)


5 small-medium tomatoes or 4 large ones (preferably Roma tomatoes)

1 onion

3 teaspoons pesto genovese

3 teaspoons of sambal (or other hot sauce)

2 tablespoons honey

20 tablespoons ketchup


Chopping the tomato
Chopping the tomato

Step 1: Tomatoes

Slice into quarter chunks and dice em up further. We won't be seeding them as the ketchup will actually do a fine job in evening out the dip and masking the atrocities commited by the tomato seeds in your salsa. If you can, buy Roma tomatoes. They have less seeds and juice and are meatier than most tomatoes. If you can't, no biggie.

Step 2: Onion

Slice and dice into fine pieces. If you or your guests aren't a fan of the taste of raw onion in your dip (I love it myself), throw the pieces into a bowl with the honey and a tablespoon of olive oil. Stir the mix and stirfy it in a frying pan for about 20 seconds. This will take most of the sharpness out of the onions but still leave them semi-crunchy for your salsa.

Step 3: The Joining (Coming to a theater near you this summer)

Throw everything together, stir, enjoy. Don't forget to buy a bag or two of tortilla chips! Depending on how salt the chips are you might want to add salt to taste.


I hope you enjoy your quick & easy Salsa dip. Comments are always appreciated!

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