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Quick and Easy Nutella Smores

Updated on February 11, 2019
JoleneBelmain profile image

My name is Jolene Belmain, and I love my family, including my fur babies, and cooking.

The Best Camping Dessert Around Town

Smores are almost a camping staple when it comes to the food group "dessert". Nothing tastes better than that ooey gooeyness of warm and melted marshmallows in between 2 sweet honey graham crackers nessled up beside some delicious and nutty chocolate.

When dinner is over and everything is winding down for everyone to sit by the fire, and all of those great ingredients come out for a fabulous fire cooked dessert during some classic camping songs, those smores just can't be cooked fast enough.

This camping dessert recipe will not only please their palate, but will also arrive in less than 1/2 the time it takes to make the traditional s'more.

All photos found on this article are ©Jolene Belmain.

Did You Know?

The first version of a smore recipe was written in 1927 from the Girl Scouts, but they say that the first s'mores have been made even as early as 1925.

Although many different food items try to make their own version of a s'more (such as chocolate bars and pop tarts), nothing quite compares to the original.

In the United States, they even celebrate s'mores with their very own National S'mores Day.

When can we celebrate National S'mores Day?

Camping: A great family vacation!

Camping has always been my favourite vacation, especially with my family. During the days we would swim, explore, and play UNO, but my fondest memory was all of us sitting around a campfire with my grandpa always holding a guitar, but the ensemble was never complete without his harmonica in the harness around his neck. We would sing campfire songs for hours.

Although my grandpa has passed, and I am not talented in the instrument department, I can always pass down the rest of the camping traditions that accompanied camping such as the food and singing. There was one song in particular that we would sing called the "Chinese Man Song" that my Grandpa had written. I have searched this song and so many other songs come up, but this one is still in a class on its own. Maybe one day I will post this song onto youtube and then share it will all of you with the music.

The Chinese Man Song:

Once in China there lived a great man,

his name was Chica-rica-chee-chi-chan.

His legs were long but his feet were short

Chinese Man couldn't walk no more.

Chica-rica-chee-chi, chica-rica-lori

Pumpki-lori, Paddy-waddy-wack

Oko oko, iddy by iddy by

she back home.

Who's ready to make S'mores??

Keep reading and I will teach you how to make Nutella S'mores. First you will need to grab some graham crackers

Grab a jar of Nutella or hazelnut spread

Some Substitutions For Nutella

*Chocolate syrup

*Pieces of a chocolate bar

*Chocolate chips (or butterscotch)

*Almond spread

*Peanut alternative spread

*Pudding (choose your favorite flavor)

I even know of some people that would prefer their marshmallow dessert with just the graham crackers and no other chocolatey or creamy goodness to spread or melt

Prepare some graham crackers by spreading your yummy chocolate onto them

Find yourself some large marshmallows

What do you prefer with your smores?

What do you prefer with your smores?

See results

Cook up the marshmallows to your perfect color and flavor, whether that means your marshmallow is barely melted or super dark and crispy.

Marshmallow Perfection!

For the best marshmallow roasting, wait until your fire has died down and what is left is a wonderful bed full of red hot coals.

Place your perfectly cooked marshmallows onto a piece of chocolate spread graham cracker

Squish all of that yummy goodness together

And devour!!

Dashboard Smores - A cute song for the whole family

Oh the things I will do for just one of those delicious smores.

© 2013 JoleneBelmain


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