Quick Indian cooking

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    Andy669posted 10 years ago

    Cooking Indian Food Recipes is never going to be as speedy as assembling a sandwich or rustling up a salad. In a country famous for its slow cooked rice, meat and dhal, quick is truly relative. However, all my recipes take between 20 minutes to an hour to make. If use a pressure cooker, could lower the cooking time even further.

    At the very heart of Indian cooking is the frying of masala or spices. The wet masalas are the onion, ginger and garlic and the dry ones are the powders. What gives the curries their taste is the combination and type of spices used. So two dishes use the same spices, but taste different. The secret is in the combinations.

    There are really no hard and fast rules on these combinations. Seasoned Indian cooking recipe will get a bit of ginger/garlic, some turmeric and chilli, and finish off with a little garam masala. This is because many rely on andaaj or approximations and therefore, the same dish will often vary from household to household with each family having its own take on a classic.

    Creating the dishes is not an exact science but there are some basic to remember. When first fry the masalas, there is a pungent smell. As stir, this sharp aroma goes away and gets a subtler, blended whiff of masalas. Masala mix is cooked when the smell changes and when, on a slow simmer, the oil in the mixture starts oozing out of little pores and the sides of the dish. It’s all about the timing.

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    Presposted 9 years ago

    Nice. I'm going to make sure that I read that site more. A lot of people don't understand how complex Indian spices are. Thanks for sharing.