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What cooking oils have high smoking points?

  1. Paul Edmondson profile image
    Paul Edmondsonposted 7 years ago

    What cooking oils have high smoking points?

  2. K9keystrokes profile image94
    K9keystrokesposted 7 years ago

    What a great question. Each type of cooking oil can differ depending on to what extent it has been refined, or processed; so this should be a consideration when defining the smoke point for individual cooking oils. The amount of refinement changes the durability of the oil. In essence the more refined, the more heat a cooking oil can manage. But, in general here are a few smoke points for some of the more popular cooking oils:

    Canola: 225F unrefined
    Canola: 350F semi-refined
    Canola: 400F refined

    Corn oil: 350F unrefined
    Corn oil: 450F refined

    Butter: 350F

    Lard: 361F - 401F

    Grape seed: 420F

    Flax seed: 225F   

    Peanut: 320F unrefined
    Peanut: 450F refined

    Rapeseed: 438F

    Safflower: 225F unrefined
    Safflower: 320F semi-refined
    Safflower: 450F refined

    Olive: 320F unrefined
    Olive: 406F xtra virgin
    Olive: 420F virgin
    Olive: 468F xtra light

    Soy: 320F unrefined
    Soy: 350F semi-refined
    Soy: 450F refined

    Also, packaging on store bought oil should have the smoke point for the contents noted on the labeling. But, I hope this helps you for now.

    Have a great day!

  3. The LEAP man profile image59
    The LEAP manposted 7 years ago

    Almond Oil                     430 F

    Avocado Oil: Refined       520 F

    Butter (Good Eats)         350 F

    Canola Oil: Unrefined      225 F
                Semi-Refined     350 F
                Refined             400 F
                (Good Eats)      435 F

    Coconut Oil†               350 F

    Corn Oil: Unrefined        320 F
              (Good Eats)       410 F
              Refined              450 F

    Cottonseed Oil†            420 F

    Flaxseed Oil, Unrefined    225 F

    Hazelnut Oil                  430 F

    Hemp Seed Oil            330 F

    Grapeseed Oil             420 F
    Grapeseed Oil             485 F

    Lard                           361-401 F

    Macadamia Nut Oil††        389 F

    Olive Oil: Unrefined       320 F
               (Good Eats)     375 F
               Extra Virgin   406 F
               Virgin       420 F
               Olive Oil     438 F
               Pomace Oil   460 F
               Extra Light*    468 F

    Peanut Oil: Unrefined      320 F
    Peanut Oil†                440 F
    Peanut Oil, Refined
      (Good Eats)              450 F

    Rapeseed Oil          438 F

    Safflower Oil: Unrefined   225 F
          Semi-Refined         320 F
          Refined (Good Eats)  450 F

    Safflower O            510 F

    Sesame Oil Unrefined    350 F
    Sesame Oil                  410 F
    Semi-Refined                450 F

    Shortening, Emulsified  Vegetable            325 F
    Shortening, Vegetable      356-370 F

    Soy Oil: Unrefined         320 F
             Semi-Refined      350 F
             Refined           450 F
    Soy Oil†                   495 F

    Sunflower Oil†:            440 F
                    Unrefined  225 F
                 Semi-Refined  450 F

    Walnut Oil, Unrefined      320 F
                Semi-Refined   400 F
    High-Oleic Sunflower Oil,
           Unrefined           320 F
           Refined             450 F
    I hope that helps