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What to do about lactose intolerance when you've tried everything?

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    peacechild77posted 6 years ago

    What to do about lactose intolerance when you've tried everything?

    I have tried all of the remedies for lactose intolerance and I'm still in pain. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm at the end if my rope with this. I'm trying to cut dairy out of my diet but it's sooo hard.

  2. Daniella Lopez profile image91
    Daniella Lopezposted 6 years ago

    I've been lactose intolerant all my life. What I do is buy soy based products. Soy milk, soy cheese, soy ice cream... you name it! You really wont be able to get over the pain until you've eliminated all forms of dairy from your diet. Be sure to take supplements to ensure that you're getting everything you need. Good luck!

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    peacechild77posted 6 years ago

    Thanks. I've tried soy & can't stand the taste. Anybody else?

  4. msviolets profile image83
    msvioletsposted 6 years ago

    Take it one step at a time.  Which dairy products are you having trouble avoiding?  Daiya makes a good rice cheese.  So Delicious makes some tasty yoghurts and ice creams out of coconut milk.  Tofutti makes a dairy free cream cheese. 

    But substitutions won't be the same.  You really need to start by totally avoiding dairy for awhile.  Take it a day at a time.  Or a meal if you need to.  After you manage one dairy free meal, do you really want to undo your work?  You can manage one more...keep telling yourself that.  tongue  It does work.

    Meanwhile, focus on meals that are naturally dairy free, and invest in some good guacamole (Trader Joe's has some that's as good as homemade or better!)  If you can avoid having dairy in the house, you'll be less tempted to eat it.  And if you have acceptable alternatives, you'll hardly miss it.  It's hard, but you can do it!  (My daughter has been dairy free since she was 8 or so, she reacts to both lactose and casein.)

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    therealjencposted 5 years ago

    When I did my switch over I put water in everything instead of milk like in cereal. Then after about a week of that Soy Almond and Rice things tasted pretty awesome.   Its a hard road for sure. I always use vanilla and chocolate flavours in my cereal, cupcakes and other fun things. Use the original flavour for things like noodles and eggs.

    Ps: Have you tried Goat products? I can have some goat things like Brie.