Where's The Beef?

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    jimmythejockposted 6 years ago

    Where's The Beef?

    A guide to which piece of meat is which on a cow

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    MegStarrposted 6 years ago


    The cow is an amazing animal, not only can we get meat from it but also use it's milk, bones, and hide for many other things. The cow cuts are in eight large sections on the cow. Starting from the top of the neck is Chuck, then rib, short loin and sirlion. Some butchers will recive the short lion and sirlions attached to one another for better storage. Then from the tip on the hip down the back hind leg is the round. After that going on the bottom of the base of the stomic is the flank and short plate. Then ending with the front leg as the fore shank. The best cuts that are filled with flavore are the chuck, short lion and sirlion and the round. If you aim for the four names I gave you above while shopping at the market you will be quight pleased with the textur and taste of your finished product.

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      Thanks for that, that's a really nice description and diagram.